Zero Skills Required! Singapore Roasted Chicken Rice 新加坡烧鸡饭 Singapore Chinese Chicken Rice Recipe

Roasted chicken rice is a popular convenience food found in most coffee shops, foodcourts, and hawker centres in Singapore. Unlike Hainanese chicken, which is boiled, roasted chicken is marinated, dried and then deep-fried. Although the chicken is deep fried, roasted chicken isn’t supposed to be crispy. After being fried, it is left to air dry again and served at ambience temperature with some steamed chicken flavoured rice. Super good. Personally, I prefer roasted chicken rice over Hainanese chicken rice because I don’t like eating pale-looking chicken skin, but that’s just me. Roland enjoys Hainese chicken rice with skin.

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See the ingredient list below for your easy reference.

Hope you can recreate this yummy recipe in the comfort of your home. Happy cooking!

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Singapore Roasted Chicken Rice 新加坡烧鸡饭 Singapore Chinese Chicken Rice Recipe
Serve 3 – 4 pax
Marinated chicken
1 tablespoon salt
1.5 teaspoons five spice powder
1kg chicken
1 stalk of spring onion (tied into a knot)
1.5 tablespoons light soy sauce

Chicken flavoured rice
10g unsalted butter
10g young ginger (lightly smashed)
4 pandan leaves
1 bulb garlic (leave the skin intact)
2 rice cups rice or 280g jasmine rice
1 chicken stock cube (crushed)
2 rice cups or 300ml water
0.5 teaspoon salt (or to taste – add after the rice is cooked)

40ml hot water
2 tablespoons light soy sauce
0.5 teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon sesame oil

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Five spice powder
Light soy sauce
Jasmine rice
Chicken stock cube
Sesame oil

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  • Just made this and it was fantastic! The garlic leftover from the rice was also great.

    aaron chandler 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • Hi Uncle Roland thank you so much for this recipe!! Im a Singaporean studying overseas and I will definitely try this and let you know how it goes. Can I ask if you have a video on how to make the chicken rice chilli sauce? Thank you! – Adam

    Adam Lim 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • That open lid cooker tho

    chopstiickss 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • Just a question as I want to cook
    What is the substitute for five spice powder

    Coastal Coconut 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • What brand of light soy sauce you use? It’s very light in color😊

    ita sumali 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • Hi ! I’m a Singaporean living overseas. My husband and son-in-law loves roasted chicken rice but I’m quite lousy at cutting whole chicken. I will make a terrible mess. Can I use deboned chicken thigh meat or breast meat? Appreciate your reply.

    Karen C 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • Nice and easy Roland. Is it worth grilling the chicken first up and collecting the fat from chicken underneath and later adding it to rice before cooking?

    Anil Kumar 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • Would there be any difference if we use the usual Knorr Chicken cubes sold at NTUC? Thank you.

    SWP 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • What to do if I only want to roast chicken drumsticks or thighs using a small oven? Just soy sauce? Thanks

    Bee Bee Chong 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • You are the man!!! You take simple foods and make them look so delicious and easy

    Fishs Cooks Eats 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • Thank you for the recipe 🙏 I tried roasting today and the chicken taste is 👍

    AILEEN TANG 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • Great Roast Chicken recipe, you should add in the part to show how to make the chili sauce specially for this Chicken rice recipe.

    Te Billy 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • You're videos are so wonderful because they have been easy for me to follow and replicate. My son and I both are loving all these new additions to our dinner table as well as my neighbors who I've shared with! Thank you!!

    Theresa Kelly 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • Roland… Could you share the authentic chicken rice like the ones sold at hawker centres .. it's fried but someone told me they boiled the chicken first

    annamariana 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • That chicken looks beautiful Chef Roland, WOW!

    John Lemons 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • Almost 1 M subscribers. 🙏❤️

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  • Today i tried to cook this recipe its simple and easy recipe to follow.thank you for simple but yet delicious recipe.

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  • Finally I been waiting for this, u cant find roasted chicken rice in US

    Auntie Darkness 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • Another recipe for my family. Thank you. Peace

    Teresa Dias 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • Hard ri clean the oven afterwards

    Lotte Wied 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • Malaysia’s chicken rice is better

    Voltron Knight 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • If I use chicken breast can? Oso same way marinated?

    catherine lim 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • wow! Will definitely try this weekend!

    Zain 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • I did not know that five spice burns easily. A really useful tidbit! And yes I agree with the others that your channel is the best cooking instruction. Clear, concise, and my favorite foods to boot!

    derr243 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • Thank you for sharing the video. Simple and delicious! I have a question do you use light soy sauce to rub the chicken skin or dark soy sauce? Thanks in advance. Will definitely try this.

    J P Nicholls 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • How to make the chicken rice soup to go with it, please?

    Name Not Needed 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • I will try it soon

    Cindy Music Piano Workshop 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • Hi, love your recipe. Can i use air fryer for this if i dont have an oven?

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  • Love your channel ! Please may I ask if you have any recipes for students who live in a dorm or for people who do not have access to a kitchen ?
    I use an electric food warmer which can also steam food,. I have made some pasta and noodles, also some rice but don't have a clue what to do with the chicken. Would love to make some rice and chicken in my electric food warmer / steamer.
    Thanks once again!.

    Global One Inc. 24/10/2022 pm4:39
  • Hi Roland, I usually cooked steamed chicken but now wish to roast it after watching this video. However need your advice on how do you clean the oven after roasting. 🙏

    Madelin Koh 24/10/2022 pm4:39