Hello friends! Summertime is time for chilling and having fun! And what’s the fun without tasty food ideas, right? Have you ever tried famous Tik Tok recipe with jelly syrup bottle? We should warn you, it’s super sweet and delicious! 🙂 If you’re more into fresh fruits and berries, try this watermelon jelly hack! So smooth! Looking for more unusual dessert ideas? Grab some cookies and mix with smoothie – refreshing popsicle is ready for taste! Sweets are not for you? Let’s upgrade good old mac & cheese recipe! Take huge piece of cheese and carve it into the shape of bowl, then put some pasta into it. Mac IN cheese for real! 🙂
Looking for more summer ideas? Go and watch more beach and camping ideas and crafts! What weather is it in your place? Is is too cold or is it too hot? Write your answer in the comments! 🙂

00:00 Jelly syrup bottle
01:15 Oreo chocolate popsicle
02:33 Watermelon jelly
05:00 Corn flakes smoothie popsicle
11:08 Mac&cheese in cheese bowl

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