Your Summertime Recipes | Part One | Gordon Ramsay

Here are some light, easy to prepare recipes to enjoy with the sun!

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit ‚Äì

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  • Amazing what skills this person has if you think so, watch the video!!

    Kalina Klanzunuva 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • 💩

    Johnny Parrales 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • Oh my! May I come to your house for a few days? You are so good!

    Elaine Proffitt 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • Does Gordon or anyone else reading this have tips for removing strong smells like marinades, onion etc from their hands? I’ve tried lemon juice, stainless steel soap and dish soap.

    🌪 Captcha Neon 👽 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • so helpful, thx

    Montgomery Dorsey 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Sayadur Rahman 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • EoutaiffL ah I as soldiers

    Owen Lawrence 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • Why do I get the feeling she surprised him with a boyfriend a week before?

    Jedi Karen 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • I really admire the way Gordon introduces his children to ingredients. He lets them hold them and smell everything. I will try to incorporate the way he teaches his children if I have my own one day.

    mooncake 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • why does Gordon think his daughter wants to kiss boys? i mean BBC and CNN announce daily on their networks that all ppl her age are LGBTQ, is Gordon secretly a phobe? oh no!!!!!

    Mayor EB Farnum 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • Would those haloumi cakes also work as vegetarian replacement for a burger?
    Because who doesn't love a good burger ♥

    Kimberly Jackson 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • 🍷🍷

    Arpi Grace Tarkhanian 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • Omg, Gordon ❤️❤️❤️

    Silviya Ivanova 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • loved when his kids asked him questions bc i stg i was wondering the same shit in my head HAHAHA

    killerb3l 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • 1:27 Megan's face lol when Gordon mentions kissing boys, you can tell she is already kissing them boys

    Crybaby11 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • Only Arab people know what "Fathosh sallad" is with fried bread and pomegranate molasses

    Jonny Danho 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • love the Family interaction Great dad

    OB1 PRODUCTIONS 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • Ramsay's, nuanced words, like " nice & literally, brilliant & yum" should have him author children's book with the help of his kids who are young adults now & read them audio book style 😀
    & you'd have ta youngINs
    To sleep in no time

    Francois Suissae 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • Even his boy Jack is making all the subtle
    Oooh's & Aaah's

    Francois Suissae 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • 24:26 OOOOOOF

    gestucv olonor 18/10/2022 pm4:01
  • 0:20 there's a hair on the quail

    Bri B. 18/10/2022 pm4:01