You'll Never Bake Chicken Thighs Any Other Way | Juicy OVEN Baked Chicken

Juicy Baked Chicken Thigh in The Oven

1.78 lb. chicken thighs
1 Tbsp. garlic powder
1 Tbsp. onion powder
1/2 Tbsp. dry thyme
1 tsp ground black pepper
1/2 tbsp. paprika
1/2 tbsp. dry parsley
1 tbsp. creole seasoning
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tbsp. adobo seasoning
tbsp. oil

Best Ever Baked Chicken Drumsticks Step by Step
Easy Baked Chicken Recipe | Roasted Chicken Legs
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  • quick browse and no children commenting on no gloves used or why the chicken wasn't washed.
    little do they know that most food was prepared with people's feet not too long ago, and we all survived!

    Eric 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • This does look amazing!!

    Bill Hill 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • where did the water at the end come from ? did you add water to make it soft or was that water from the chicken itself?

    The_Musassin 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Going to fix this tonight. Thank you.

    Screw you guys, I'm going home 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Gee. I can think of at least 20 other herbs and spices you could have dumped in there too.

    TSG 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • I just subscribed but, I probably need to unsubscribe because I visit the kitchen after watching your video. Nice.

    X X 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Juicy oven bake… The Musical..!! Edit.. just cooked this dish..!! Amazing flavor..!! Her spice rub is almost adobo..!! Just add little pinch cumin, thyme, and oregano if you dont have any..!! This part of chicken and leg quarters makes plenty juices..!! I took the skin off and covered my baking pan..!!

    Killonacat 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Looks delicious!

    Did you cover it while it baked or did you leave it open?

    Diana Lee 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Deep fried the extra thigh flap ….its great

    Vincent E. Tiemersma 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Let’s go brandon 🍦🍦🍦

    Richard Tuholsky 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Thelma Bryant 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • I mean you really don't have to film the entire skin cutting for 2 minutes… We get it.

    Weasel 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Do u cover it

    Josie Lopez 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Yum!

    Kevin Lewis 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Looks delicious this is one dish I will try on Sunday keep them coming

    Phyllis Patterson 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • The hip socket is my favorite part. You can chew on it for hours

    C W 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • HI. Who made the Adobo & Creole Seasonings? They must be great

    Poppi_Weasel 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Thank you for posting. Do you use any juice in the tray before baking?

    Nick Stoic 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Recipe looks good. I have some boneless thighs in the freezer and will try this one. Will let you know how it turns out. Thanks Island Vibe girl. I subscribed just 'cause it looked good.

    Allan Boyer 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • I always save the juice and use it to make rice the next day.

    Gary Myers 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • 15% of this video is dedicated to cutting extra skin off 😂

    J_ Delay 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • ohhhh no girl you dont go cuttin off that fatty skin hell no thats flavor lol

    david ritter 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Ohhhh man, take that skin you trimmed and fry in some butter till crisp…then sprinkle with finishing salt at the end while still warm… gonna try this recipe, looks delicious!!

    cheese 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Good recipe, and a good video, but there is nothing called editing you might want to look into. We got the idea of cutting the fat flap. You did not have to show it to us every single time. I often scroll past recipes that are longer than 6-8 minutes because most of the time it is long pans of prep we don't need to see.
    Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work.

    Laceykat66 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Thank You

    Nick 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • 350 for 90 minutes nice and crispy

    Jordan Fink 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • U need to remove all the skin

    Rysing Auguste 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Wow such big thighs our South African thighs are Half that size, don't know why

    Marion Vermaak 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • this was amazing, thank you for sharing!

    lakermark2006 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • What an unhelpful cooking video …gives you nothing

    Laustin Space 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Did you add water? Or did it create its own juices?

    Pebbles Johnson 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Trying to teach myself some recipes; what temp and how long? Covered or not? lmk

    john doe 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Yummy yummy 😋

    Toni Robinson 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Ma'am that looks so good…hopefully I'll be trying this soon 😋

    E MJ 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • What sides would you recommend with this dish?

    Jensine Garza 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • looks great

    KILL DOZER 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • When I see fat / skin being removed I get sad and depressed 😉

    Garry Wilson 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Literally like every other baked chicken recipe ever. Add seasonings, pop in oven.

    Jim Mason 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Looks good, you left the chicken uncovered in the oven I'm assuming right?

    Latrice 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Going to try this tomorrow thank you

    TheRealTonyKurtis 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • But it look like it's amazing

    TheRealTonyKurtis 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Also I would have cut the bones out

    TheRealTonyKurtis 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • As a cook my opinion is when you put the olive oil on the chicken I would have put that in a ziplock bag poured the seasoning in it and shook it up in the bag and rubbed it in with the bag to make sure it was a balanced blend

    TheRealTonyKurtis 22/10/2022 pm4:11
  • Miam, miam, miam !!! Looks so delicious ! I can't wait to eat this chicken ! 😋😛

    Christine Racette 22/10/2022 pm4:11