You May Never Eat BREAD Again After Watching This

Find out how bread can be dangerous to your health!


0:00 Introduction: You may never eat bread again after this 
0:40 What is healthwashing?
1:45 What is gluten?
2:10 Gluten side effects 
3:43 Celiac disease 
4:22 Non-celiac gluten sensitivity 
9:30 Check out my video on sugar and how it affects the red blood cells! 

Why do people love bread so much? There is a huge push to get everyone to consume more grains. But, the problem is that we’re already consuming too many grains. 

Grains have been made to seem very healthy, and we’re told to consume grains as a foundation of our diet. But, grains can actually cause a lot of problems for your health. Today we’re going to talk about just one of these major problems. 

Gluten is the protein in a lot of grains. It’s a term to describe various proteins within this category. One of these proteins can actually create an opioid effect. 

There is a huge problem with opioid addiction around the world. One thing an opioid will do is increase endorphins. Endorphins help decrease pain and make us feel good.

Exorphins are endorphins that can be triggered by food. This stimulation of exorphins is why you like bread so much. But, this comes with other potential things like celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. 

Celiac disease is a severe reaction to gluten. The top symptoms of celiac disease can include:
1. Diarrhea 
2. Bloating 
3. Abdominal pain 

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity is basically celiac disease but without the classic symptoms. Symptoms of non-celiac gluten sensitivity can include:
• ADD 
• Depression 
• Anxiety 
• Autism 
• Schizophrenia 
• Inflammation 
• Atrophy 
• Permeability 
• Malabsorption 
• Deficiencies 
• Insomnia 
• Fatigue 
• Brain fog 
• Autoimmune conditions 
• Anemia
• Headaches and migraines 
• Dermatitis 
• Psoriasis 

I want to challenge you to avoid eating bread and other grains for just one week. Then go back to eating bread and grains and compare how you feel to the previous week when you weren’t consuming grains. Then decide whether or not it’s worth giving up grains. 



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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand why you should avoid bread and other grains. I’ll see you in the next video.



  • I get alot of sebborheic dermatis when i consume bread and refined sugar. After 6 days of no bread or carbs, refined or natural it has gone away.

    Loseni Kromah 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • If you make your own bread, it’s actually good for you. You just need to mill your own wheat berries into flour and NOT sift out anything. Issue is that white flour sifts out important parts of the wheat

    FLP 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • Dr. Berg I suffer Histamine Allergies, food related, it makes my life miserable.

    I'm at a point where I'm ready to try anything.

    Eden Smith 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • Give is this day, our daily….uhh….avocado….

    Alek 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • Do one on eating pussy Dr. Eric Berg.

    Lawless 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • what are you eating?
    must be a royal or millienor to have a million other choices if not bread …
    why are you spreading all these rubbish??

    Snush 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • This guy is so knowledgeable and is my primary Keto source…

    Christopher Dover 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • Thank you ( ❤ From the heart )

    Mavericks 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • I am French. Bread was always a drug for me. This video described 100% what my problem was. I stopped eating Gluten in November 2020. My life changed, more energy, no longer long time in the toilets, no pain in the belly. I miss bread. I don't miss suffering. Thanks Dr Berg.

    ArnaudShanghai 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • I don’t know why some people thought that there is nothing to eat when told to avoid carbs n sugars? Keto diet is the most sustainable diet, it has all the nutrient dense foods in planet ex: organ meats, meats with fats, low carb nuts, fish, eggs, berries, cruciferous and low carb veggies, olives, avocado, lemons, butter, kifer, cheese, fermented foods, herbs and spices, etc. We don’t eat bread alone right? we add something like cheese and butter and jams (sweetened berries), while the rice we eat them with veg and proteins, so just take out the breads and rice and eat those healthier stuff instead. Or you may try eating bread and rice alone for years and see if you feel healthier.🤣🤣🤣

    tpi pt 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • You may never eat anything after watching dr bergs videos

    McIntosh Webber 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • I never liked bread. Taste wise, It's not good at all.

    ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • i am eating bread while watching this video……………..

    KALI PIANA 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • I've had gluten related neurological disease for 12 years and didn't know it! Thankfully I found out and cut out all gluten. Absolute life changer! Peripheral neuropathy, eczema, joint pain, memory issues, difficulty speaking properly, and all kinds of other stuff… all gone!

    Euquila 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • I tried so many diet for the past 35 years and it wasn’t working , until I found doctor Burg last year now I am new person slimmer and more healthy

    khampasong inthisane 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • Man I love your videos but one thing missing is that you never give an example with what to replace bread with in this instance. I been eating bread for 36 years, what else can I replace it with?

    Angloas Shelby 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • Although I appreciate the information given by Dr Berg……just live your life and eat the things that make you happy. Living a life in fear of what lies within the foods we consume is not necessarily the best one. Life is short… what you like. Don't let Dr Berg make you feel stress or a sense of uninformed inadequacy because he's afraid to eat bread, chicken and everything else he stresses not to consume in his videos. I'm sure he's right about these things…..but your happiness shouldn't be compromised by his over the top fear of almost every food on earth. Good luck.

    Scott Purdie 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • Doc , did you just compare bread to opioids ? Come on !!!!

    ventilatedbrain 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • you wrong Dr.
    the thing you should not add when you eat bread is Sugar or Any Fat.
    if you blame Gluten. there some type of Rice can be more deadly than Wheat. it call Glutenous Rice, in some case this rice if consume to much can damage your internal organ.
    i witnessing one person died because they eat this rice to much. his stomach have a hole and his Colone have infection because the food he ate cant get out as a feces, it clogged.
    that person is my own neighbors, he died after going to surgery, 2 days after .
    and i do not think allergy is the problem, Allergy is reaction from person who have weak body and i believe it came from their parents.
    what that person parents eat is the matter. like autistics kids i see their parents eating crustacean like clam or shrimp or crab, and this is from 2 example. 1 is my own Naunty kids and 1other is my friend kids both say their wife like eat crab and seafood before she born the baby.

    i agree if you talking about Pasta. but for Bread. it depend how you cook that wheat.
    what make you sick is because the baker who bake your bread do not know or even ignore health aspect in the food because of the demand, people want die fast they want sweet and fatty so it taste delicious but they die fast.
    i still remember eating bread in late 80 it not sweet like today bread, it salty and dry.
    Sugar and Fat is the real Killer here.
    in fact i never touch sugar almost a year, and the heath benefit i see is very stunning. i never go to hospital and my body weight are stable compare when is till eat or drinking any sugary food and drink.

    it is a myth saying Sugar give you energy, it give you disease , want sweet? eat watermelon, eat banana, and do not think honey is healthy it same, it sugar.

    End Times Lips 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • There is plenty to get go to keto diet food plan

    Pastor Sandy Venter 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • Feels like civilization has turned food into poison.

    deaconx 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • thanks to this video

    I just ate a delicious loaf of homemade bread.

    thank you

    harman_opexジ 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • I know people who eat bread and they are healthy and lived over 95 years.
    P.S. Do not listen so called doctors, listen to your body.

    J 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • It depends what kind of bread you eat!!!!

    Kristina Frelih 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • Can you please talk about gluten free bread.

    Abdulaziz Hawsah 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • This thing Americans call bread is LOAF, not bread. In Norway we eat bread almost every day, and just look at us.. JK we have health problems too but our bread is made of oatmeal or other healthy grain, seeds and fullgrain products. A homebaked fullgrain-bread is very tasty and not as bad as this mumbo-jumbo✌️

    Erik Nymo 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • We won't anything after watching your videos the good doctor.

    Muhammad Shehreyar Khan 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • what about Keto bread

    suzie wirths 23/10/2022 am11:21

    Midlife Zima 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • Everything here are poisonous! That’s it, i’m going back to pluto! Ciao

    Blanc S 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • I feel like most of this is an USA problem. In germany we usally eat dark, „hard“ bread. You can also buy bread without wheat- Instead it‘s made of Chiaseeds and protein. Bread is a whole different thing over here

    incognita ! 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • Gluten isn't bad for everybody. You need to rename this video "Information About Celiac Disease."
    The human body needs complex carbohydrates to function. Any doctor that ignores that basic fact is ignoring science.

    Mountain Bike Addict 23/10/2022 am11:21
  • How about sourdough?

    JS Tan 23/10/2022 am11:21