WORLD’S CHEAPEST Vs. MOST EXPENSIVE PIZZA | $0.40 vs $100,000 (MrBeast Record Broken)!

Pizza challenge to find the world’s best pizza. I Ate A $100,000 pizza which is the world’s most expensive pizza and a $0.40 pizza which is the world’s cheapest pizza. During this food challenge I also break Mr Beasts $70,000 Golden Pizza with a $100,000 golden pizza! I also eat cheap vs expensive pizza from fast food pizza like dominos to homemade pizza to a pizza that even Mr Beast would find amazing. During this eating challenge I felt like a competitive eater with the number of pizza’s I tried! Enjoy this world’s cheapest vs most expensive pizza video!

Charles (Fast Good Cuisine):
Main Channel:
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Brett Conti:


And thank you Mr Beast for being the best:
Also this is the video from Mr Beast where he first set his world record – I Ate A $70,000 Golden Pizza:

Village Square Pizza:

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  • Bro your grandma made the best pizza ever, she deserves a lot of credit for making that delicious looking pizza, even i cant make that, props to her!!!!

    Mr. Polar Banana 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • The deep dish pizza place my uncle used to work therr

    coolshark 15 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Hope nana had a wonderful birthday

    Giga Chad 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • My fav is 22 cm pizza it’s just so good

    peaceful_fella 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • I have never been so hungry

    Steed Byrne-Manjate 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Pizza defenition: a dish of Italian origin, consisting of a flat round base of dough baked with a topping of tomatoes and cheese, typically with added meat, fish, or vegetables.
    The last one was hardly a pizza 😂

    YOUR-BSS-TUTORIALS 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • I would finsh that so fast you would not even see it

    The.nightmare 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Wow your nana is 93 but it looks like she's at least 65 years old

    𓁹Sukuna𓁹 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • That didn't look like the standard Papa Johns pizza crust. Did you get the thin crust or even worse, the gluten free? Not arguing that they have the best crust, but at least compare the standard.

    My opinion doesn’t matter H 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Your grandma isn't 49!? she's not that old

    Michael Jackson Fan Club 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • The cheapest is making a pizza yourself

    Michael Jackson Fan Club 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Bro even though im Giga Chad
    I am drewling rn

    GigaChad 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • holy crap! his grandma is 93? I thought she would 70 at most

    TectonicXIV 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Nana's Pizza was obviously the best 🐐

    Mohsin Mamwali 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Logic left the chat when he said 1$ pizza was 9/10 value and 40 cent pizza was 7/10 value 😂

    Ragini Agarwal 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • dang it i want pizza now

    MaximK 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Much love to grandma❤️❤️

    Makram Abid 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • your papa johns Is just bad wth

    nathanestes1 18/10/2022 am10:46

    Dillon Mcatee 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Nana's pizza is worth millions then!!!

    Phrewilly 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • "Best and worst pizza around the world"
    All the pizza taken in the US

    FratuzzoSan 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • I can see Italians wanting to hire the Mafia for the Indian pizza lol.

    Naasik Hendricks 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • 8:41 you can see with the house his in that he ain't kidding

    PJplaysgamez 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Your grandma can not be in here 90s she looks to young

    the Lancashire rider 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Mayonnaise on pizza?

    Gairu Senpai :3 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Saffron is very cheap india, Noone thinks of it as too expensive as costing 2 or dollars

    Mukund 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • That last one was the craziest I’ve seen

    Riley Peiritsch 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • happy bday nana even tho u don't know me

    Jaybb Bandril 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Ever since domino's and Pizza Hut in Holland came out New York pizza's not like what it used to be

    hofferjh 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • I wanna try pickle pizza at some point, finding a place that serves it can be challenging though, it's kind of a novelty thing.

    ROLLING WITH WARTARN 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • No se porque pense que era illo juan en la portada

    playStation G.S.L 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Bobby eating 100000 pizza me in my living room eating 4 dollar pizza 😂

    M M 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Nobody's gonna talk about the fact that theres no little ceaser

    Erick Atharrizqi Nugroho 18/10/2022 am10:46
  • Nobody's gonna talk about the fact that theres no little ceaser

    Erick Atharrizqi Nugroho 18/10/2022 am10:46