Wingstop's Chicken Sandwich Is NOT Worth The Hype

After selling out nationwide in less than a week, Wingstop has brought back its famous Chicken Sandwich! Is it worth the hype? Find out in today’s review!


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    TheReportOfTheWeek 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Loved the origin of how he came to doing this review

    Moth man 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • why haven't you teamed up with a place or fast food chain for your own burger/food, mrbeast, wendys, etc

    Operaton Creation 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • McRib hype never dies!

    Whisky Guzzler 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • thank you king <3

    vanessa! 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • I appreciate well spoken-ness but I don't get the humour behind this?

    Nihilistic Soup 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Haven't eaten fast food in 20 years,yet love this guys reviews. Refreshing to have no clickbait, no stupid cuts,music or false drama or hype. Interesting points fairly made,with honesty.

    Randomy 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Probably A butter based wing sauce

    T.R 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Chicken sandwich craze is still going because beef is becoming so scarce, qnd so expensive, way more chickens than cows in the world ATM, so fast food joints ain't making that much in their beef sales(granted burgers are damn near 8 to 12 bucks a clip nowadays, so I'm sure they're making something) but yea thats why these fast food chains keep trying to master the chicken sandwich, and tbh unless it's q chicken fast food spot, none of them are any good, mcdonalds rebranded and remade with different recipes 4 different chicken sandwiches in the last 3 years. And they still suck, Wendy's are terrible, I know u didn't like Burg kings if I remember. But thay was the closest in resemblance to Popeyes, KFC, etc.

    T.R 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Companies should hire him as a consultant to try food and give his feedback before they release it

    Emelia Jade 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Only guy that can cure my anxiety

    Oswaldo Maldonado 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • It's a low quality (not inedible) chicken sandwich. They heavily relied on their sauces.

    Ayan 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Lemon pepper chicken is the only best flavor

    Andrew Gutierrez 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • I love you so much reviewbrah. Your videos make me feel calm and I adore watching it after having to see so many 'woke' ads, videos, and such on my feed. We have the same vibe to an extent. Love you ♡

    ᬽࣱ۪ ּ ֗ ִ ּ ۪ 𓄼 ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍୨♡୧ 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Serving fresh since 1881~

    SockNinja 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • cute femboy uwu

    Pony 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • his eyes looks like snake

    Kamil Kozera 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • This guy is the Sheldon of food reviews. Great guy, great content.

    Magnus Grande 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Be on the look out for Chickens in Choppers!!!!

    Al fal 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • eminem has been real quiet since this dropped

    Child of Fire 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Please tell me where to get that tie 👔

    Jefrey Lupul 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • 😂 sheesh they killed it with sauce

    Silas Donald 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • I love the way you speak, even when you speak about fast food you seem highly intelligent. I'm trying to learn to curse less & express more 😅

    Tristan Haile 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Sorry if I'm off topic! Let me guess TROTW… You're rich, gay and alone (like most of Youtubers). PS: By not even saying your first name, it was to be expected that the nickname Reviewbrah would take over. Thank you very much!

    Jony Ivre 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • I had one of these tonight. Louisiana Rub Style. It was one of the worst chicken sandwiches I have ever had.

    Similar issues as the ones you mentioned. Very Dry & very tough and the buns felt like they were stale. On top of that my WingStop went way overboard on the spice which ruined the flavor altogether. I've had worse Chicken Sandwiches (Burger King's and KFC's come to mind) but this one was right down there with them.

    Bizz McTavish 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • If the filling of a sandwich takes up 60% of the sandwich, that's a sandwich that's 60% of the advertised size. Therefor should be 60% of the price they quoted.

    Coco Vaughn 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Someone Slap me and throw a bucket of water over me, i need to wake up, i just turned on my youtube and got beamed back to the 1930s to this guy.
    But then, i thought wait up let's give this guy a chance, so i started listening to this little guy talkiing, I could not stop watching, his gimic is the best yet.
    With all the fakes saying be original and to be yourself, i started watching this guy and couldn't stop laughing at how good he is at the 30s radio voice. its so good i can't tell the difference to this channel and one from the 30s, OMG i'm 60 and i was laughing so hard, i thought i'd need an ambulance.
    Keep going mate, it's a good thing you're doing, very different.
    ill be watching you all the time, reporter keep being yourself love it😂🤣😂🤣

    Raven Hughes 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Haven’t aged a day in year. How?! Tell me your secrets 😂

    Tanya Poort 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • so thin

    smilec Z 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Your outfit looks great but could look better with a scarf and hat. Might as well get a green screen and do reviews all over the world bruh.

    Virtuoso Arts 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • You’re so fucking cringe dude

    Jesse Lee 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • <3

    SomeDamnAuthor 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Very poor pickel placement very offended

    𝕯𝕱𝕲𝕭𝖀𝕭𝕭𝕬 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Impeccable service then don't worry about it,

    Nonetheless I am not sure if you have any questions or concerns please visit the plug-in settings to determine how attachments are handled

    𝕯𝕱𝕲𝕭𝖀𝕭𝕭𝕬 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • i prefer this guy over nickocado anyway day

    Tails_and_Liquiir 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • this guy would look great in a black and white video! hehe anyways nice reviews dude!

    Tails_and_Liquiir 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • You're my favorite channel on youtube! Keep up the great work!

    H Brown 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • try the new texas bbq chicken tender pile up from checkers and rate it

    Some Guy From Maryland 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Panda Express beyond orange chicken next pleaseeeee!!!

    smitn kitn 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • Sometimes it feels like listening to Mr. Rogers except he only talks about food.

    Bill Miller 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • I haven't touched any fast food for about 15 years or so, but I love your channel. However, I must admit most of the sandwiches and burgers represented on this channel look incredibly bland, boring and unappetizing. It's just 2 generic buns that don't look good, some sauce, some meat or chicken that doesn't look good either! I mean, junk food is supposed to be unhealthy, but incredibly delicious and irresistible. And 15 years ago it was exactly that, as I remember. Now it just looks like junk, very cheap and uninspired, they are not even trying.

    Andrey Dzyuba 19/10/2022 pm2:14
  • The bun is nice and shiny! And the chicken looks volcanic

    Robert Beam 19/10/2022 pm2:14