Why modern sandwich bread is different from 'real' bread

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Thanks to Dr. Elisa Karkle at Kansas State University’s Department of Grain Science and Industry: https://www.grains.k-state.edu/people/faculty/karkle/index.html

Thanks to Dr. Emily Buehler, author of “Bread Science: the Chemistry and Craft of Making Bread” https://www.twobluebooks.com/bread-science/



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    Adam Ragusea 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Nothing screams healthy like a bread-scientist falling asleep as she speaks! My brain starts to go soft and doughy when I watch…wah…watch…hhhh…Hhhhhjher..her…ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

    ChristopherP. Hitchens 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • American bread is insane. I couldn't believe people ate it when I first tasted it. Disgusting ish

    In New York I Milly Rock 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Mrs Doctor talk so much bullshit about traditional bread that it's not even remotely funny. Traditional bread can last a week without refrigerating, and because of thick crust it will not get dry. Just put in in a plastic bag after cutting off a slice and it will last! Cut of a thin slice if it will get dry from the outside. What a load of shit….

    pepestempel 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • It's not bread really. It's a sugar laced milled concoction devised to make people addicted to sugar.
    Which works btw. Check out any and all American foods, they all contain sugar. Every recipe, sugar. Any and every other nation trust our "foods" and they point out about every time how overly sweet it is. The sugar was put there as an addiction to make Americans gain weight. Makes them cattle like and stupid. Easy control.

    -Darkstar- X 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Wow! That's the best explanation of white bread I have ever heard! Excellent! Thanks for enlightening me!

    John Lopez 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • I was hoping for real bread to be whole, pre green revolution cultivars grain bread

    Daniel Picasso Muñoz 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Your homemade bread goes stale in a day? What are you doing? My homemade bread will mold before it goes stale. Do you just leave it out on the counter over night exposed to the air?

    heinzerbrew 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Micro plastics in my blud

    PaperMind 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Sliced sandwich bread has no flavor. It's basically a tasteless, edible, sponge.

    In My Opinion_ 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • God, so many europeans in the comments are getting mad that that t h i n g could even be considered bread
    Imagine trying to gatekeep bread lol

    Seralith 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Go K- State !!!! Met my wife in Aggie-ville at brothers bar …
    Great info… thank you

    David Nicholson 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • A bit late into the scrum but I've only just now seen this video. I think most people don't realize how different the basic bread ingredients are from place to place. Europe has different wheat and other ingredients than what is found in the US. (Could be said about all cooking ingredients really, it is a function of soil, climate, botanicals, etc.) I really miss the wonderful bread I had when I lived in Germany and have not been able to reproduce it here in the States. Even the "boutique" breadmakers cannot come close to the local bakeries in Europe.

    adler arcing 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Just another product that causes cancer and the government just lets these corporations poison us.

    moorebounce 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • After visiting Russia I can't stand sandwich bread

    Operation_Radish 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Bullshit, a decent loaf of bread doesnt mold in 3/4 days, instead it dries and can be used for breadcrumbs, filling etc even aftee a week, just keep it a dry place

    louis azraels 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • A European here. It’s hilarious how little Americans know about bread. OMG, that’s rubbish, not bread. Not worth opening your mouth to eat it.

    KAROLCHECINSKI 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • for more info read yakitate japan!

    Sébastien Caron Boisvert 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • "let them eat cake"

    Great Value Bleach 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • You SHOULD demonize the machine-baked product. It is strictly for a failed society that has given up on community.

    Mark Rosenblitt-Janssen 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Markiplier?

    No name 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • I only buy sourdough bread from bakery bread in the us supermarkets is not bread at all 😬

    Засланный казачок 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Wholy moley

    YWNBAW 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • More people need to understand this so bread from bakers can be popular again and they are not dependant on breads from mart that having all of these ingridient

    Bakers can be a profitable job again, people get sustainable job, economy is becoming normal, people becomes healthier. what a good future if that is happened

    1ばかぶた 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • You know the world is coming to an end when someone can get a PhD in baking science

    Dave Stevens 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • I guess Americans really need bread that lasts a week or longer because they can't drive all the way across town to the supermarket every single day.
    The supermarket in my town is less than a 15 minute walk or half that time if you use a bicycle.
    So I buy fresh bread every day.

    Bread that has added fat to it I won't even touch because in my mind that is cheating.
    The fact that fresh bread becomes stale rapidly we see a sign it has less added preservatives or none.
    And since I go to the supermarket every day, giving me at least 30 minutes of walking to and fro, it provides me with both groceries and exercise.

    AudieHolland 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Really interesting and well-done. Having baked a bit of bread at home, this makes me want to experiment to make bread that's closer to this.

    gregzsidisin 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • I've always heard Europeans say our bread is too sweet, and I never knew what they were talking about. I always thought they were comparing our sandwich bread to their sandwich bread. After reading all these comments, I now realize that they are comparing regular sandwich bread to regular baked bread, two fundamentally different types of bread.

    Sandwich bread is sandwich bread and baked bread is baked bread. No shit they're different. You don't compare brioche to a tortilla, do you?

    Jaren Wang 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • If your bread is hard as a rock within 24 hours you need to change your bread recipe.
    Mine lasts at least 4-5 days before it gets hard or molds.

    wolfeson1 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Wood based cellulose is an approved food additive. 🌲

    Spock Spock 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Omg you can not cal this bread , in the Netherlands bread after 3 / 4 days not eatable , so wat we do is , bay bread that is half baked , and put it in the oven , so you have fresh bread . We have a lot of choices , the thing in your hands is anus consurety

    Leah 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • when your bread goes hard like that put it in a polly bag seal it and leave it overnight you will have soft bread agin in the morning, you have to remember even tho the bread is dry on the outside the center has still got moisture, sealing it in the bag stops it from drying and allows the moisture from the center to rehydrate the bread.

    thesman32 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • I think it’s a very developed countries thing, here this kind of bread we call toast bread and is usually not the default bread you’d go for. It’s used for, well, toasts. The default bread is also white but it’s “real” bread and is also sliced and sold in bags, but it has a quite stark difference

    Viktor Chmiel 17/10/2022 pm5:35

    Tom Henrik 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • I just quit my job to persue my new dream of becoming a bread scientist.

    Razz aus 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Bread is supposed to have a hard crust. When we were kids we used to fight over the end pieces.

    Elias Thienpont 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Dr. Karkle looks so sad. I hope she's alright!

    Rhea Mainz 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • I eat it daily, but it feels very wrong calling toast simply bread.

    Mr. X 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • In switzerland the prohibided alcohol in sandwich bread because children eat them untoasted.

    garcipat 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Anybody else find it strange that the doctor pronounces yeast as “east”? It’s not a silent “y”, sister!

    Brandon Gregory 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • food markiplier

    Hubert Humphrey 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • HFCS = poison

    roxybarone 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • As a shipper whose delivered countless mattresses including the helix, they can kiss my behind

    Especially if I’m the one picking it up again

    The Farklenator 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Now I want bread. Just a single slice of bread.

    madcaker 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Most Europeans don't eat the crap Americans call bread. But it is useful for sandwiches and french toast. So I have to go out of my way to find American style bread.

    Rogue Agent 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Never eating this kind of bread anymore. Japanese white bread is soooo much better.

    Krissy Diggs 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • Wow, Americans have such poor-quality food that they've even forgotten what bread is!
    We call what you're showing in Europe "toast bread". It is known as a lower-quality bread and is only used for making toast and toast sandwiches. Apart from that, we only eat normal, high quality bread.

    Mateusz Zawistowski 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • I enjoy sandwich. When I ran out of bread and used lettuce, it wasn't great

    Marcus 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • also, freezer section bread

    hollywood fats 17/10/2022 pm5:35
  • In the US, I can buy a loaf of bread and more than a week later it will still be fine due to all of the preservatives. When I lived overseas I would literally have to buy new bread every day. I'd much rather buy bread fresh each day than consume all of the chemicals they feed us here.

    Mr Quackers 17/10/2022 pm5:35