Why Belgium Has The World’s Best Fries | Food Secrets Ep. 2

For Belgians, fries are holy, something you shouldn’t mess with. You might think: what can go wrong when deep frying potato sticks? Quite a few things. First of all: don’t call it French Fries, at least not when in Belgium. Then, there’s the right potato variety and special dripping you need to fry the potatoes in. Not to forget the special method of cooking the fries twice and the different sauces to choose from. So, even if French fries seem to be a simple dish at first sight, there are still some secrets to discover.

#Fries #Belgium #FoodSecrets

Report: Ruben Kalus
Camera: Hendrik Vervaeke
Edit: Frederik Willmann


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  • Everybody knows fries are born in "Greece".

    DT 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • I can appreciate the thought, but no, they aren't the best fries. The best fries are from the Atlantic coastal area. Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI, Maine. Where they are more of a brown color than a golden color, looking more like Home Fries.

    Don't get me wrong, the Belgium fries probably taste amazing. But there is a reason that the fish shops in Newfoundland are so busy, and it isn't just people coming in for the fish.

    Ives 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • And when you don't have a girlfriend, you eat fries

    Scott Sanchez 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • I spent a couple of years perfecting fries(among other things). I really wanna go here to compare.

    Ren Viluan 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • First of all, I'd like to apologize to the Belgians.
    I've been calling this wonderful food French for the last 47 years.
    Thank you for this most amazing gift.
    I cannot imagine myself eating burgers without it.

    bigbigblast 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • the biggest thing is that people notice the fries quality and the oil

    i bet you can feed americans whit anything they whould not notice 🤣

    LiderAsstro 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • I am very curious..
    What do Belgians say to little girls asking about that statue PP?

    LiderAsstro 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • overrated

    deadman Gaming 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • 11mm long??? Maybe he meant cm?can someone translate right

    Mansoor Alqahtani 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • It's really interesting to me that in Belgium they have two varieties of fries. In the Netherlands we call big cut fries "flemish fries". But I never realized that outside of Flanders they eat the same size as we do.

    Ward Huyskes 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • I had my best fries in Quebec. Maybe they were made by Belgians too

    母后駕崩了 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • satisfying all of the fans of the comedian, Chappelle refuses to cook their fries in trans fats.

    XanderDDS 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • I've been to Belgium many times over the years for business. The fries are not the best. I can easily cook nicer homemade ones at home.

    Bryan T 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Doing one thing very well. Bravo

    JG 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Canada has good fries to

    Tango Seven Eight 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Dutch fries are better

    G M 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • The original French fry

    JAI HD 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Hahahaha as a Dutch person we have very different opinions about this. Belgium has great bear and fine chocolate. But better fries? No. The fries in Belgium are mostly too fat and have lesser quality.

    Peanut 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • I am obsessed with fries getting more tips on the type of oil and type of potato drives me wild..the comments are amazing..I must visit Belgium just for the original frites experience.

    Naturelle 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • McDonald's has nothing on these fries

    Ma_C_Ray 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • Welp looks like that’s where I need to live
    French fries are my most fave thing to eat

  • 👏👏👏☝☝☝👊👊👊

    fielemon persé 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • no se lo creen ni ellos que son las mejores papas del mundo

    wido critical 20/10/2022 pm3:41
  • The best French fries I have ever had were in Germany over and over.

    Shawn Green 20/10/2022 pm3:41