Why are Deli Subs better than homemade ones?

Today, we make a classic Italian hoagie and another one of my favorites as we discuss 6 sandwich tips to make better deli-style subs at home.

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0:00 The Six Sandwich Tips
0:28 What I look for in a great sandwich
0:59 1. Bread choice matters
1:54 2. Always lubricate
3:10 3. Fat carries flavor
4:58 4. Season your vegetables
6:13 5. Craft it thoughtfully
8:13 6. Wrap it
8:37 Taste Test

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  • same with burgers! homemade is not the same its delicious but not the same!🤔

    n3s4r1 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • It’s all about the bread

    J RM 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • Learned a lot here! Thank you!

    Darien Thomas 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • A lot of the things being shown is not being done at the deli. 🤣

    Chuckey 2015 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • sir, you and adam ragusea are the two very BEST and most essential food youtubers to ever grace planet earth

    🩸Xyzir!🩸##despairkings 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • Idk if anyone will ever see this but my personal favorite sandwich is thus:

    Lay out 4 ounces of roast beef with one slice of swiss and one slice of cheddar. Drizzle some bbq sauce and put in the microwave for just under a minute. Then cut in half an onion roll (no other bread I've found has had the same effect) and spread horseradish sauce. Take your hot meat and cheese and add lettuce, tomato and onion, then slap the bread on.

    This video has inspired me to try the bbq sauce under the cheese. We'll see how it goes.

    Shave Data 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • Nah son!!! lubricate that sub real good 🛢️🛢️🛢️🛢️

    R G 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • If you are near a shop rite they sell hoagie rolls. Get them bake fresh

    R G 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • i mean, honestly, i respect this.

    but i fully do not agree withtomatoes on top.

    seriously, put the tomatoes on the bottom. you really don’t have to group like things together.

    bread, mayo or some sort of sauce, tomatoes, meats, cheese, onions, peppers etc., mayo or sauce, bread.

    seriously bothers me beyond belief having tomatoes on top.

    Max Headroom 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • 3:00 looks pretty well lubricated to me.

    K S 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • 0:28 caught me off guard with ur facial hair

    krule 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • 2:02 – I should call her…

    Sertay Sakizoglu 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • Problem with a lot of these steps is that requires time. A massive plus about going down to Jersey Mike's is that it doesn't take long. Making your own bread, roasting and seasoning your veggies takes a bunch of time.

    Fool's Requiem 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • Yo, you literally copied exactly how Jimmy John's constructs their sandwiches when you mentioned to have the construction thought out

    Zacarias Nelson 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • Round our house, we call BBQ or sour cream and onion chips “ Hillbilly “ lettuce!

    Tuder Khan 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • How you make fresh bread, but not make fresh mayonnaise??

    Chris B 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • Can’t relate to the title. My home sandwiches have always been better than a delis 🤷🏻‍♂️

    ARMOR A 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • No one is talking about how many fire sandwiches this man ate

    ironmonster27 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • Steve Thea 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • disgusting.

    Cerebral Parasite 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • They aren't. The only reason they seem that way is because we didn't have to make them.

    YeOldeOgre 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • That was absolutely glorius

    Jhorman Gomez 17/10/2022 am3:16
  • Doing a sandwich is not cooking? 😱😱

    Jhorman Gomez 17/10/2022 am3:16