Whole Roasted Chicken

#Shorts #WholeRoastedChicken

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  • Um can I eat that everyday?

    Levi is my Oppa 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • You got great style!! 👏👏👏

    Jeff Govender 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Excuse me but just salt and pepper. That can’t be good.

    Kimberly Boston 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Made this tonight. Yep, perfect. Even better and easier than the air fryer. Thank you!!

    beetleblooming 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • I've been stuck on your shorts tonight. Your videos are easy to follow, to the point, and entertaining. You do a fantastic job! Thank you 💯

    Anna Morgan 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Mmmmmmm

    Sara Freeman 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Fantastic! I use the drippings to make gravy or keep it for the stock if it's not all used at the table.

    Viking Goddess 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • No garlic or onion powder? Just salt and pepper? Ok..im going to add some add'l seasoning tho..looks nice tho

    Frances Taylor 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • I like to add a banana in mine.

    Earl Wallingford 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • That's waaaaay too much botox

    Cc 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • 🤤🤤🤤

    Dammit Greg! 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • 😍😍😍

    Moe Murder 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Corey chase the cook ha ha

    Mike G 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Yummy yummy yummy

    Greg Freeman 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • I thought I knew how to cook a chicken, I really was guessing. Yours was delicious, juicy " Onolicious"!
    Hands down yours is a winner!

    Sarah Gabuya 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • I have always been afraid to make one. You made this super easy! Going to try this weekend!

    Moon-Water Latte 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Really like ur no nonsense approach to great recipes.

    Jimmy Poindexter 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • I love chicken

    David Henderson 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • 400 degrees one hour and fifty min? Hell no

    Denis Kajtazovic 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • I love this woman!

    Mark Rosenholtz 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • I’ve always roasted my chicken this way and other variations! I make soup with the carcass. It’s all commonplace!

    Jane Clarkson 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Le Mon 🍋

    sasogorelick 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • nothing about "grab your 4 pound bird" warranted you to make that face. cringe

    Ryan James 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Cause you fancy !

    Owen Johnson 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Yeah !!! BBY, Tie it up !!!!

    The Great GIG 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • I make pumpkin-stuffed chicken every year during the fall time 😌

    Jasmin 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • You can make me dinner!

    donald person 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Wow interesting and delicious

    Jamila Niaz 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • LOVE your pacing! Classy, entertaining, beautiful, savory – cuz you're fancy! ♥️ Love you and your channel!!!! 😍

    Pattie Pepper 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Looks like your cooking good.

    saloyale1 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Looks amazing but she said dont add anything and she did

    Nathan Taylor 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • This lady is fine😍!

    CSP 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • The barn cats enjoy the carcass, too!😂

    jules wins 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Why only salt and pepper?

    Raiden Nath 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Whole bird presentation can't be beat but Spatchcock cut is done and crisp in 45 minutes.

    DistrictFire 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • 😋

    Buster R 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Behave

    Brew Bb 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Thanks! I could never understand why the skin wasn’t getting crispy.

    T G 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Thanks looks wonderful

    Pat Pat 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • no other herbs or seasoning ?

    valarie 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • Love it ❤

    Capricorn Garnet 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • LÉmon xD

    Black cat bone 19/10/2022 am3:23
  • I dunno why I cackled like a idiot but I was like "she just threw his ass on a pan, shoved an entire onion and lemon in that poor birds ass with some tyme and hogged tied him, where's the safe word?!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yep I've been awake too long. ❤️ I'm subscribing for sure! 🤣🤣❤️❤️

    Cheekie Girl 19/10/2022 am3:23