Whole Roasted Chicken | Basics with Babish

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This week we’re taking a look at something very basic – the whole roasted chicken. I’m going to teach you how to elevate it and make it crispy, juicy, and flavorful. Then, we’re finishing it off with a delicious gremolata.

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Recipe: https://basicswithbabish.co/basicsepisodes/2017/10/23/sauces-9w5tm-2njph-5ahwj-hsl7s

Grocery List:
Whole chicken
Fresh herbs (like rosemary and thyme)
Kosher salt
Black pepper
Butter (softened)
Bacon fat (optional)
Olive oil

Special equipment:
Microplane grater
Chef’s knife

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  • What did he do with the salt?? Do you rinse the chicken? Kind of an important step he never bothered to show

    alex dc 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • I had to play this video like 5 times.
    Love you,
    But man I would have enjoyed this if it was like 30mins long and slower 🤣

    Nick Blackmer 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • It was too salty for me on the skin. Even though I rinsed it thoroughly

    Kitty 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • your Tattoos are so cool

    Aaron Cooper 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • I use most of the chicken for shredded chicken burritos, cheap and delicious

    Crypto Mike 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • Awesome

    Mike 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • This has always been my go to method for roasting chicken ever since I first saw this video years ago. 🧡

    Mimi 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • I followed this recipe exactly as described and it was inedibly salty. Verbatim, step for step, same ingredients, same method, way way way too salty, where did I go wrong?

    clever username 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • that was a lot of salt.

    edarion01 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • Oh my goodness this is amazing roasted chicken!!! I’m so thankful I found the recipe!!!

    Jennifer Tucker 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • Should I have water at the bottom of my pan? Seems to be causing a lot of smoke for me when I put it in the oven the way it’s shown here. Help pls :’)

    Maverick 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • Legend

    Dalton Stopp 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • Complicated with Babish

    Fahad 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • You poured an insane amount of salt on the chicken and let it set over night but you didn’t show what to do after that… do you put foil over it over night? Do you plastic wrap it? Do you rinse it off the next day? A lot of details over looked for a “basics” video.

    Zechariah Siler 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • This was the saltiest chicken ive eaten.

    sean smith 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • After 4 years of lessons learned…….would you change anything about this preparation?

    Solhja 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • before cutting the backbone out why dont people slice thru the skin first pull over and leave that on the chicken?

    Janet Killin 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • you couldnt have left all the salt on that part is missing

    Janet Killin 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • Dang I tried and it was way too salty! I brushed like a fool but I think because it was partially frozen so the melting ice water mixed with the salt and went back in the meat? Anyone have this experience?

    Joe Bordash 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • Just did this everything went wrong but the bird turned out alright

    Carange 102 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • Hi Babish,

    I tried this recipe today. The flavor is amazing, but my chicken skin didn't crisp up. I used the preheated oven at 450*F. Do I need to crank up the heat more to make him crispy, or did I do something else wrong?

    Dan 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • Sooooo I am currently in the process of baking this. 5 pound bird, I didn't brine it but I did everything else. It has been in the oven (one year old electric range) for 85 minutes and it is only at 149°….not sure what I did wrong but I feel like it shouldn't be double your recipe.

    SGTn00btube 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • Love the vid. Love the tats.

    gigi dope 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • Aren't you suppose to avoid tin foil when using salt?

    Oregon Patriot 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • I laughed and felt embarrassed when he said that this is for 4 people. Uhhhm I think it's barely enough for me alone 👀

    Kas 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • I just made this and it was delightful. Very crispy skin, favourful moist meat and a zesty garlicy gremolata are a great combination. I should definitely have de-salted the chicken better after drybrining (the skin ended up very salty) but it was still very delicious.

    Thijs van der Voort 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • This Thanksgiving I am thankful for Babish!

    Jon Davis 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • Hi!! Questions why does the dark meat need to register at 175? Just wondering since I was under the impression it’s at safe eating temp at 165

    gurllitsjulienne 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • Can I smoke this recipe?

    ktorz 1055 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • I tried it and although the chicken was super moist and the skin was crispy… It was waaayyyyyy to salty. I tried it again few days after with a 1/4 of the dry brine salt and it was perfect

    Mamo Sixx 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • My chicken was incredibly salty after the cure for 24 hours, and I was sure to remove all of it when I was done, the meat itself was way too salty, just something to be careful of. I’d highly recommend a brine to salt the whole bird perfectly

    Robert Smith 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • This recipe is spot on.

    Michael Shaw 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • The temporary russian topically travel because slash commonly soothe despite a talented camp. permissible, perfect digestion

    Alonso Sevilla 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • I've seen folks use large heavy blocks of wood, stone, etc to just obliterate (and peel) the garlic immediately on the chopping board.

    Daniel Sayre 17/10/2022 am5:11
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Mr Crabs 17/10/2022 am5:11