Whole Roast Chicken | Secret To Crispy Chicken | Whole Roasted Chicken | Food Cravings DIY RECIPE

Learn how to make Whole Oven Roasted Chicken, with crispy skin, that’s browned to perfection! The secret to crispy chicken skin! Dinner Ideas, for Tasty Meals, and succulent Chicken dishes! The Ultimate Roasted Chicken! Golden Brown to perfection! The secret to juicy, moist, succulent chicken.
The best, yet simple recipe for your next weeknight meal, or dinner party. For ingredient amounts, and more info. visit http://chefnicko.blogspot.com/2018/03/the-quest-for-perfect-chicken.html Always remember, when it comes to food? Don’t just wish for it, Crave it! Feel free to COMMENT, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!

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  • Hello I have otg oven so how can use for roasted chicken? Upper and lower bottom rod's will on?

    NAina Khan 23/10/2022 pm1:59
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    Probensyanang Dilag 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Can you list some advantages and disadvantages of roasting?

    Vivian Kailas 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • perfection

    Tamika Francis 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • I say yesss to this food

    Tea-Time with Lady Letts 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Is peanut oil your preferred ? Would olive oil work.

    Marsha Agababian 23/10/2022 pm1:59
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    Nadeem Chughtai 23/10/2022 pm1:59
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    Melay Arcenio 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • What about a stuffed bird, regarding bake time?
    Thank Chef Nico

    Denise Murphy 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Sea salt is healthier than table salt. Thank you for uploading

    kind spirit 1991 23/10/2022 pm1:59
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    Mark Parker 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • I like it that's so fantastic

    Jahairhussain Hussain 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • That was a really cool method been trying to get my chicken to look just like that I would be definitely trying your method thanks much

    Karlene Rodriguez 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Oven roasted cheekin!! Lol

    B D 23/10/2022 pm1:59
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    Hagop Hovsep 23/10/2022 pm1:59
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    Marcy Green VLOG'S 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Stuffin turkey

    Charles Vance 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • 350 f for 1 hr????

    Arah Fike 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • What are the ingredients that you use to rub the chicken with

    Jannice Garcia 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Thats one tasty lookin bird. Yep.

    mark zellers 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Thank you for washing the chicken 🐔

    Annmarie B 23/10/2022 pm1:59
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    Savannah Danjah 23/10/2022 pm1:59
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    Erna Paradjanian 23/10/2022 pm1:59
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    Phil 23/10/2022 pm1:59
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    Cooking With TK 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • My favorite baked chicken !! Liked

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  • Chicken drying simulator

    Gerry Gold 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • I’d be sure to check the temperature before eating

    Bob Spurboy 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • You clean your chicken!!!!! Yessss

    Pangeea 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Roasted chicken now u talking

    Venita Strong 23/10/2022 pm1:59
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    Manny P. 23/10/2022 pm1:59
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    Ali Sadat 23/10/2022 pm1:59
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    Anthony Streat 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Chef Nicko: After stuffing and stuffing and stuffing, I decided to tie the knot.

    Me: Congratulations when is the wedding?

    Thanks for the recipe chef Nicko 👍

    DG Digital 23/10/2022 pm1:59
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    Foodie Forever 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • “And I Decided to Flip the Bird.”

    Darius Menda 23/10/2022 pm1:59
  • Nice one , I y did u refrigerate it bcos if am hunger at d moment I need to roast it will I leave it refrigerated overnight? Response

    Jecy Diamond 23/10/2022 pm1:59
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