Which Celebrity Has The Best Taco Recipe?

We test recipes by Eva Longoria, Danny Trejo, Aaron Sanchez, and Frida Kahlo. Whose tacos are the best?!??

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/111178

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Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival Presented By Coca-Cola – MasterCard Exclusive Event: Tacos and Tequila hosted by Aaron Sanchez
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  • I tried will smiths recipe and it slaps!

    Mouse Poop Tasty 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Eva Longoria's tacos are sexy

    Yvona J 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Trejo Tacos.

    shandon farley 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Danny

    the best tho 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • All of them were her taco 😂

    Aryan Shah 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Eva's Taco should be called Taquito

    Mokshith sai raj 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • How did you find Frida Kahlo’s ?

    Elsie Croker 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • 3:27 It's all right for her to cut the tortillas, but I eat tortillas often. I won't do that because I would be eating less of the tortillas I enjoy so much.

    MrJuvefrank 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • I wish I was a judge, I would give them all 10's. I have never had a bad taco!

    Steph Amberger 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Danny, definitely, knows what he's doin'!

    Dusan Zdravkovic 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • I clicked on this video knowing damn well almost every single recipe was gonna be made by a person who has is at least 25% Spanish DNA

    SYMPATHIQUE 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Danny trevo

    Loretta Turner 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Jlo's mom makes great tacos

    Juan "Dirty" Sanchez 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Glad to see they used all Latino cook's and chef's recipes for this video. I watched this one video on, I think it was enchiladas, where it was white person vs white person, no Latino recipe in sight. It was a Delish video. It was Ree Drummond vs Lauren Conrad.

    David Lee 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • The black guy was annoying. Let's see him make one. Also I preferred Evas one.

    Mary 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Frieda is how I make my tacos

    emilee 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • The taco truck down the road from my house has better tacos than all of these

    Jess S 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Dude… cut skirt steak against the grain. Whats wrong wit cha man.

    Jeremiah McAfee 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • I'd love to try all of these. They all look so good!

    Victoria B 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • The fact I’m the thumbnail they added a taco shell but in the vid it was a raw ass taco..

    astrxmite 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Eva longarias tacos were surprisingly sophisticated

    Aaron nabena 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • I love Sophia Vergeras taco. I just lay there a savor every mouth full. I can it all day long

    Salvage Monster 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • „It's Aight“
    ~ Frida Kahlo's step-daughter, circa 1936

    Shnoops 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • I dont like the fact he didn’t tell us yhe ingredients for the marinated meats

    Ta'jee Sy’mone 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • LatinX 🤢

    WackyDude21 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Why am I here tho?

    I don't have a social life 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • This is the first time they've done one of these where they didn't have at least one moron judging it.

    check4v 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • I thought they all looked really good. Hard to pick a winner. Thanks

    Beejay Swifter 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • not them wating recipes on that us tortilla instead a real mexican tortilla

    Erick Nuñez 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • This foo really sliced the carnitas 😂😂

    2LiveNDie 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • I would totally try Eva Longoria’s taco.

    The Maestro 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Tbh I have to eat 5 in each to get accustom the each taste then pick one ☝️

    NORMAL GIRL 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • The delirious purpose untypically last because missile spindly paddle aboard a symptomatic active. penitent, slippery correspondent

    Abby Alder 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • where the tortillas microwaved or were the cold there no reason they should be breaking apart like that.

    Thanos 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • U cut that skirt steak wrong. Theyre prolly still chewing

    Asssssssshvvf 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Did he just cut the steak with the grain?? Come on buzzfeed wth

    Victor Aguirre 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • this might be shocking for some americans, but we wouldn't call that a taco if you cook a skirt steak on a non-stick pan… just saying…

    diego meza 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • 2 judges with the same vote and 1 is different

    Billy Lamara 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Danny actually has his own mexican food restaurant. Trejo's Tacos in L.A.

    Gibran 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • Why are they using raw tortillas

    Juana Quezada 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • I would love to eat Eva's taco.

    Brent Delong 20/10/2022 am2:56
  • So pretty much steak taco recipes with the exception of Fridas. The tortillas need to be heated on a comal with some oil

    Claudia A Beltran 20/10/2022 am2:56