What Dessert Looks Like In 33 Countries Around the World

Desserts have been repurposed and have evolved in many parts of the world. What started as a small, in-between course to cleanse palates eventually became the decadent treats that we love to eat at any time of day. Many countries around the world have traditional or signature desserts that vary in flavor, color, and texture. Let’s take a look at 33 desserts around the world.

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What Dessert Looks Like In 33 Countries Around the World



  • Slave labour 😭

    Ohole 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • Omg wtf these new zealand/australian cakes (no marmelade) are known in the whole balkans as čupavci…it's ALWAYS made in winter. I mean…it's so old..I am nearly 50 and I grew up eating it. That's not australian…I know that germans have it too…

    britvica 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • Sorry but Romania and Hungary should have been separated into their own.

    Emily Kovacs 17/10/2022 pm9:10

    diorrka 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • Watching this while following a somewhat extreme diet — does watching this count as self harm? Hahahaha

    Tim van Scheers 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • syrniki is not a Russian desert

    sad fasol 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • Icelander here. Skyr is not a dessert. Iceland has no traditional desserts. But we have icelandic pancakes, that i think are simular to other scandinavian recipes. However, I'm pretty sure they were inspired by other pancakes and stuff.

    Alvar Kristinsson 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • Guess Milddle East is a country now

    D Bak 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • Mmmmm I love so many of these

    Kaydey x 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • They’re saying it’s malva pudding but it doesn’t look like it ,it’s not dark enough

    J J 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • In Belgium, there are 2 kinds of waffles: gaufre de Bruxelles and gaufre de de Liège. They are quite different from one another. When the North American say « Belgian waffle » I never know which one they are talking about. It throws me off every time.

    M Sch 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • I wish they had put the famous kiwi (new zealand) dessert pavlova! Yummmm!

    Rebecca Whitteker 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • Baklava is most definetely Turkish and if there is any debate, it only can be whether it is pre-Ottoman or an Ottoman dish, given that the desert is best done in south east of Turkey therefore it raises the question when it is invented, simply because of the city being non central for Ottoman history.

    Melike Şehirli 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • Who else had an anxiety attack watching how they were slapping the mochi??

    Ariii 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • there was no russia in X century… moskowia started to exist roughly in 1600s… what you meant is that the syrnyky dish is known from Kyevan Rus, which is Ukraine.

    Helena Khudyna 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • When it's comes to authentic Indian sweet dish is kheer(rice+condensed milk+suger)

    Kartik Godara 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • Wow Trinidad and Tobago West Indies on the map…boom!💯🔥🔥🔥
    Love my currants roll!😄

    Dennise 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • it said that Haiti rarely shows up on these lists…

    Diane D 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • 8:12 That pronounciation 💀

    Adam Somogyi-Csizmazia 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • Chocoflan is even more popular than tres leches was created in Mexico to receive the athletes for the Olympics in 1968.

    Albert Ubaldo 17/10/2022 pm9:10
  • Don't pronounce portmanteau like torment (o), please

    Birk Rollo 17/10/2022 pm9:10