We Tried The Most EXPENSIVE Dessert in the WORLD!

We went to one of the craziest dessert places in the WORLD! Many celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Drake, and a lot more have been there!! IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE
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  • Y’all bothers and y’all eat so much sugar

    Jax Smitho 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • Don’t spend money instead you should buy food for the homeless

    LecramZerep 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • August 9th my birthday

    Cameron Clemons 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • Video idea: bake a cake with Noah and Anthony but you can’t hear Noah can’t see and Sherman can’t talk

    Toon Thienpont 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • You suck

    Blackstone Designs 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • I’ve eaten at the sugar factory before in Chicago pol

    🍥SWYN🍥 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • I love your new house so so so so so much and I am moveing to and I hope you post more

    TOSHA ROBERTS 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • lambo

    Roblox Gaming 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • You are the best youtuber ever

    Christina Tambunga 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • You ate expensive stuff but in range 100k not likely but no hate just saying lol

    Anthony Nguyen 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • At 9:38 the SHOES

    Doges Pokémon 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • Rug at 5:37: yo this thumbnail is about to be crazy
    *laughs in pain

    Marifer Juarez 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • One like equals you get his shirt dirty Brian

    Luis Castillo 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • 1

    Luis Castillo 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • Urthedest

    Zach McInerney 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • Uthedest

    Zach McInerney 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • Bad bunny is the best

    hi king 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • Don't disrespect bad bunny like that

    hi king 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • My birthday is August 11

    Kim Peterson 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • I'm suprised they didn't clickbait at all because the desert is in the vid.

    jaylen scotty 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • 😂it’s funny how Brian and Noah said lambo at the same time I love you guys ❤

    Austraila Roleplay 24/10/2022 am10:56
  • I when there to but in Florida I can see why you why it’s amazing

    Emberly Day 24/10/2022 am10:56