We ONLY EAT French Fries for 24 HOURS // TOP 12 Fries

What would it be like to only consume french fries and water for 24 hours? Sounds kinda Vegan! Also sounds painfully boring. BUT… what if we tried like 12 different types of french fries in 24 hours and then rated them best to worst? Now we have a video.

RULES: We can only eat french fries and drink water for 24 hours

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  • LOVE IT!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    MicAroni TV 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • Add Jollibee fries 😭

    Noob Gaming09 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • Hey where’s that onion ring on the plate at the end huh?

    Professor pig mustash 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • You should go to Whataburger

    Ayla Rodriguez 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • Heart attack

    Amadyboy 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • What about Popeye's 🍟

    Delores Gardner 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • Goosquad #jp

    World of Games Gamer Agastya 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • When JP said "best water" it got me laughing 😂

    Shadow 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • Right as he said "and a add!” And ad came up for me

    Corey2010 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • Can you please do eating chicken strips for 24 hours go to canes teaxes chicken kfc

    Lulu's fidgets 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • You should’ve went to dairy Queen and Pizza Hut because they fries so you should try them I haven’t of course

    Jasmine Boothe TV 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • You forgot Carver's

    Mountain Dew Productions 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • Starting wake up MADARA:wake up to reality

    PZJOKER6 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • Yall done chick fi la dirty

    Jackx32 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • McDonald's is king absoluted. 👑

    Léo Ribeiro 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • Daily dose of memes 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • I would be fine doing this everyday

    Scott Stevens 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • I don’t know which list is better because I live in Canada But I really wish I was in the US

    DJG 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • What app is that that you used to spin the wheel

    Brian Redmond 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • Yo, why do Rally's fries look like they're more seasoned than Checkers? Cuz when I buy fries from Rally's up here in Ohio they look different than y'all's

    Logan Snyder 25/10/2022 pm3:11
  • Damn I watched this again while eating fries sheesh

    NotRay 25/10/2022 pm3:11