We don’t have to go to mcdonald’s. Look how to prepare tastier french fries at home

We don’t have to go to mcdonald’s. Look how to prepare tastier french fries at home

potatoes – 500 g (17.64 oz)
corn starch – 1 tablespoon
oil – 1 l (0.26 gallon)
vinegar – 50 ml (⅕ cup)
water – 3 l (0.78 gallon)
ketchup – 150 g (5.3 oz)
garlic – 2 cloves
chilli sauce – 50 g (1.76 oz)
Fry 10 min

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  • Thank u for sharing. Allow me to share

    Mariam Harun 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • Fécule ?

    Fatou Binta Faye 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • 💃👍💞😘🤗🤣💜💜

    Steffi Naumann 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • J'en fais très souvent des frites maisons, je sais aussi faire du vrai ketchup maison sans produits chimiques hehe

    Applejack Banderas 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • So can I do this with store bought potatoes

    Francine Wade 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • Yummy

    Matutu Toolo 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • Clickbait. This isn't a McDonalds recipe. You just used the name to get views and you know it. Type of potato isn't mentioned nor is the oil.

    Von Milash 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • Just slice your potatoes, don’t dry, salt, roll them in cornmeal, drop in hot grease..not too many at a time to prevent sticking together…

    Jerry Odom 18/10/2022 pm6:49
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  • Very tasty recipe 😄😄😄😄

    Fine kitchen 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • definitely makes sense! people's secrets are so simple, when I get a chance that's the way I'm going to make french fries!

    Barney Rubble 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • Recipe A I 18/10/2022 pm6:49

    Antoniberico 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • The British invented chips so don’t give them the French name!

    Charmian Johnson 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • Wow super yummy delicious

    Sara’s Kitchen 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • Not good

    Amazing Tuburan 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • thanks saved$$$$ now we do it at home

    Sarath Dassanaike 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • Looks interesting and will try this method soon. It appears that they should be deep fried though. We do have an automatic deep fryer so should work. This likely will work with wedgie fries as well. Yes leaving the skins on improves the fun in it all. Healthier as well. Sometimes we deep fry the peeled skin only for a crunchy salty snack.

    John Davidson 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • Knoffel und Ketschup??? BÄHHHHHHHHHH

    Power Man 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • Corn starch? According to my information the McDonald's Fries are made with the help of glucose syrup. The cut potatoes are soaked in glucose syrup and water for a hole night, the traces of this chemical / industrial sweetener makes the fries instantly golden brown when they are fried. And besides that, children are hooked on sugar, so they keep on coming back.

    vanhetgoor 18/10/2022 pm6:49
  • You know if the McDonald's CEO and COO see this they could sue you for defemation of character

    Sisonke Hlongwane 18/10/2022 pm6:49