viral tiktok recipes that you should try | tiktok compilation

viral tiktok recipes that you should try | tiktok compilation

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  • First video is wrong. The recipe was created before tiktok by a finnish food blogger in 2019. It's taken hold of the internet 3 times now and the third one being tiktok. It ran out multiple times due to it becoming viral on Instagram first, then later youtube, then tiktok i believe.

    Dumbo 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • watching her eat the pasta off the spoon and put it directly back into the pan over and over was nauseating

    Lainy Jones 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • 0:39 – baked feta pasta (super popular and easy
    9:46 – those crispy potato accordian things
    10:18 – tres leches cake i already made tho

    Kaovya 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • Why are all Americans calling a stir fry noodles a Ramen?

    Zesty Triss 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • CH0C0 T3DDY 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • creepy pie

    My Lord 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • 🧡Love to see this
    I'm currently on a weight loss! It's so hard to lose weight but this is the kind of videos that help me to stay focus… I've maintained me from 220 to 180's lbs so far. TY for sharing🥵

    marlayatziry 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • God that is one evil looking pie right at the end…🤪😅😂 perfect for spooky season. It looked even scarier baked.

    RA 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • 14:57 oh my cholesterol

    Ismene 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • You can actually use self rising flour and plain yogurt to make pizza dough bread flat bread and pretzels as well

    Natty T 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • 8:55 what is the appeal of this kind of thing? either you can't hear the story bc of the horrible chewing noises, or you can't hear the chewing noises (bc people are into that apparently or it wouldn't be so fucking INESCAPABLE) bc of the story. terrible either way.

    shy-eye 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • 15:20 crab wontons
    11:18 buns w/ ham & cheese

    Desxanny lovemerre 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • 9:47 <3

    -GrayceyTheTeddyBear- 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • 4:52 crab salad, 9:48 potatoes, 11:18 buns w ham and cheese

    ash solace 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • Silky Bliss 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • سبحان الله وبحمده
    سبحان الله العظيم

    Jullie 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • sometimes these recipes are like way too plain like seriously just noodles, an egg, garlic powder and some butter?

    Floortje_V 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • some americans will truly toss some meat, cheese and carbs together and call it a diet

    miriam 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • no one:

    Americans: and then put 200 pounds of cheese

    Nitu Jha 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • Usually cooking videos make me hungry, but this one… haven't seen 1 recipe that I would actually eat. Dafuq are Americans doing with food???

    Anne - 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • Good thing before this video I made ramen

    Gloomy🖤 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • How much cheese do Americans eat omg

    Rosita Souza 25/10/2022 am4:09
  • yo shoutout to how many brown ppl r in this comp fr i see so many tiktok comps that r just white ppl n sometimes a girl gets tired

    Sophia 25/10/2022 am4:09