VIRAL RECIPES that TIKTOK & INSTAGRAM MADE ME TRY… what's worth making!?

#tiktokrecipes #recipes making some wild new recipes we found on the internet to see if anything’s worth making again!


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  • I think you should try recipes from Josh Elkin. His stuff always looks so indulgent and delicious.

    Rachel Frumkin 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • Did someone fart at the 17:29 mark? Hahaha

    Smashy Gilmore 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • Maybe instead of the Gatorade, maybe like the blue Hawaiian Punch.

    Amber Gigi 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • Texture in pasta is an important factor for me personally so i gotcha

    Brittany Crowe 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • Ive done the fried chicken but with different flavors if cheese itz and yum 🤤 😘🤌

    Brittany Crowe 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • I never understood the make your own Baha Blast bc you can but it at any convenience store. At least you can in MA.

    Brittany Crowe 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • I would not even bother with cooking/baking the brownie just eat the batter nothing wrong with eating raw batters or cookie dough

    Sam Nicholson 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • I make Baja blast at gas stations and usually do half mt dew, a quarter sprite and a quarter Powerade

    Kayla Kibodeaux 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • The account that made the Doritos chicken is an account specifically created for views…all her videos are outlandish and not meant to be taken seriously.

    Zosia Mehlberg 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • Christopher is such a great guy! So supportive of you and this channel! You guys are the best I have seen on this platform!

    Brittany Tucker 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • I have watched every one of your videos, but never commented until now. Chris is looking GOOD with that beard! I couldn’t figure out why he looked so different until I went back to the last video he was in. I thought it was a fluke, but NOPE! Loving the beard on him. How do you like it? My husband can rock a beard also, but I prefer his goatee. Just curious and wanted to hype Chris up a bit. Love your channels! 😊❤

    NWI Diver 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • Flamin hot Doritos are a thing

    Amanda Wooldridge 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • You NEED to try some Bigger Bolder Baking microwave mug recipes. She has so many, deserts and savoury. And I've enjoyed all the ones I've tried. Genuinely good mug cake recipes! Microwave mug rice krispie treats! Lasagna! Please please please do one of her recipes.

    Nicole Lavigne 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • Wait do you not have chilli heatwave Doritos? they would be perfect for the chicken strips

    Sidonie Maroni 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • This is the Gen-z version of shake and bake lol

    GirlyGamer86 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • I love your energy, I've been watching for years bc I feel like I can relate to your train of thoughts well.

    missbumble bee 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • I saw and tried edible cookie dough, total fail as my chocolate chips melted. But you have to hear the flour, interesting and I think you should try it. Saw it on tiktok!

    Karen R 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • There are spicy Doritos. They’re called hot wig Doritos and they are amazing. If you like takis or the flaming hot chettos you’ll like them. They have about the same heat as takis but no lime flavor, they are a bit hotter th the chettos

    Night1331 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • Also for that you only need the 3 ingredients, and you can bake it or put it in the airfryer

    Kendra Wade 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • my mom has made this for years. Instead of using egg, use mayonaise. Put the mayo in a bowl, put the doritos in a bowl and then do your thing. The mayo helps keep it juicy.

    Kendra Wade 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • They make a spicy nacho Doritos. Try it

    Jeanaah Jones 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • I'm Italian, you do NOT break the long pasta!!! I repeat: do NOT break the pasta! 😄

    Vikingsandra 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • Crush the chips before adding all the stuff

    MHL 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • Hey Rachel love your channel. I use a product that I think y’all will like. It’s called a powerxl air fryer plus. It is a microwave and air fryer and a oven all in one. You and Christopher are a great couple. I hope I find a husband like him someday.

    James Hicks 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • Yea there are spicy nacho cheese doritos

    maggie smith 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • They have flaming hot nacho and cool ranch Doritos now! The flamming hot cool ranch are the best!!

    wilsonamyc 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • I miss farm boys. There is none on the east coast. Granted, the ocean is just down my road…but still FB is such a good store!

    Christine W 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • Dope video

    Beast Mode Hound 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • I do a chicken tender dish that is coated with crushed captain crunch cereal or Frosted Flakes (the captain crunch is better but they both are great). It’s a dish that I ate at Hard Rock Cafe and it is delicious!!! It’s one of my kids favorite chicken dinners.

    BriBry 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • Christopher be looking good with the beard dang

    Stephanie Butal 22/10/2022 pm6:37
  • Fun Fact: Mnt Dew gives me the worst nightmares I've ever had. I had a nightmare filled childhood. I mean, really bad. My mom finally realized I always kept her up after I had drank mountain dew in the evening.

    Sara 22/10/2022 pm6:37