USA Dessert vs Korean

  • Technically, Korea doesn't have dessert as part of their meal. Sometimes they'll have fruit, rice cake or some kind of tea or coffee, but usually things like nangmyun after eating meat is to feel refreshed after eating greasy meat, but I wouldn't exactly categorize that as dessert. Nangmyun is actually an entree on its own.

    The Grumpy Bear 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • too bad they don’t serve 냉면 in the winter 😭 it’s my absolute favorite all year round 😭

    j 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • Ummm literally 99% of the video was kbqq lol tf I wanted to know more about desserts FFS

    Awaken 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • I mean I don't think most koreans regard fried rice and cold noodles as dessert, just extra food to fill up

    박상윤 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • Is it smoking aloud in these restaurants?

    Maxwell Fate 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • In our household, we usually ate fruit as our last course because it cleansed the palate and freshened your breath…particularly after eating ssamjang and raw garlic. My mom rarely served sweets. On the occasions she did, it was served more as a snack during the day or well after dinner while watching some late night dramas and was very light, like a couple of sugar wafer cookies or a light sponge cake with cream.

    Dosta Girl 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • Asian women are the best but everything else is not for me to say it nicely

    shawn foogle 24/11/2022 pm11:59
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    🤍Kirby🤍 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • aka you guys dont have enough dairy cows / land to support the sweets

    Jake Brown 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • Love Korean food

    D Dominguez 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • so, no desert…

    Neptunes Lagoon 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • Yes yes my favorite part of a meal is "bangchan"💀😂

    Dhanishta Devnath 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • You can't say bbok um bap and nengmyun are desserts, that's ridiculous. It's like saying jjajangmyun is a dessert because you eat it after the main yori.

    The main purpose of having these carb-based meals is to fill yourself after enjoying the meat. It's usually too expensive to eat only meat until you're full. Also most Koreans don't feel like a meal is complete until they have rice or some sort of carb.

    WSI AK 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • This is the second video I’ve seen of yours, and it’s just fascinating. Please, keep those videos coming, we all need to hear about each other’s ways of living.

    Marian 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • American desert is way better

    Fireman 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • I'm here for round 3

    Matthew 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • the way i ran to the comments after hearing this and was not disappointed ❤

    han 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • as soon she said "banchan" i said: STRAY KIDS EVERY WHERE ALL AROUND THE WORLD

    alex 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • A popular dessert after Chinese meals is fruit lol

    霜夜 彬 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • all these make me want to visit korea

    A-A-Ron 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • Americans consume too much sugar and salt.

    Nils Almgren 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • Korean restaurants are way Ahead of their Time.

    Costea David 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • My non-Koop frnd :Bangchannn is a side dish in Korean mf
    Me a stayblink: nooo it bangchan the one and only

    Grace Micheline Dsilva 24/11/2022 pm11:59
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  • Do what's the point of restaurants

    TBD 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • We have that

    janilyn flores 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • In the Philippines it's called Samgyeopsal or samgyeop !

    W 24/11/2022 pm11:59

    Dia Jalli 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • I thought it was fruit or your korean bread that is shape like fish

    Deidra Bell 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • If you’re cooking your own meat how do you know the temp for when it’s done? Serious question just curious 🧡

    Mcmag8 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • So not to be annoying, but I don’t think that’s dessert then. Dessert is by definition sweet. I’m down for a snack or round 2 though. I’m not big on sweets anyway 😅

    Griffin519x 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • I want to dine in a Korean style restraurant

    Ms Rhonda 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • In Germany we something like this at home its called racklet

    Soul _Skull 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • Korean awesome

    Sam Christie 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • What’s your favorite side dish
    Lee Yonbok – Bang Chan 😁👍

    Drea 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • Man that sounds like no dessert just more food

    Boring Gamer 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • Bbq is dessert

    2020 YouTube Purge: the black plague 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • Crazy story but a "dessert" is a SWEET course eaten after the meal. Just because you eat it after dinner dosent make it dessert.

    Tyler Lepage 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • That looks so good, Korean food looks amazing

    Cait 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • Why is their meat so fatty?? Serious question.

    Catharine Holton 24/11/2022 pm11:59
  • Bruh that looks so good

    Cyberguy456 24/11/2022 pm11:59