Undertale – Hot Dog French Fries (Extended Version)

Hard to believe it’s been a year already… I guess you all asked for this
Original song ‘Skeletons’ by DomFera

Choreography for first dance section by Max Kay

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  • So many tiny details!
    -Some dude selling hot dogs 0:00
    0:03 is very hard to see or pause at but an amalgamet appears behind alphis!
    -Bones turning into dogs 0:06
    -Temmie left to sans 0:09
    -we have a stand too! 0:18
    -Undynes BUTT pause exectly at 0:19 and you'll see her and alphys crash papyruses car
    -Muffet seems to like the nice cream dude 0:19(there is also a spider with a donut in front of her stand )
    -tems face stays but she leaves and flowey appears 0:19
    -frisk is between metaton and toriel 0:20
    -some dude to the right of the stove 0:20
    -When frisk buys a ButtsPie gold goes from 370 to 190
    -Bottom ledft corner, some dude 0:24
    -look at meteton 0:24
    -Deltarune and gaster 0:43
    And I am STILL not sure if that is it!

    Petryk Sachko 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • This is the best thing I have ever or will ever see lol

    Myrs The Human 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • Это шедевр даже через два года

    Данил Мулюков 25/10/2022 pm10:38

    0:19 flowey under asgore's stand, temmie's head going into oblivion, monster kid flopping down, and prob more I didn't see


    ✨JellyFlavoredWaveWaffle✨ 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • you found a video, this animation fills you with determination!
    oh wait its was 3 years ago, welp no one cares its still cool!

    Why I am here 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • Bro the meme sans doing the default dance

    Micheal Gutierrez 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • full song? pls 😀

    Sean Castino 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • This video has the cutest Toriel I have ever seen

    Skyler Snow 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • This is still my favorite thing for Halloween season xd

    Joltierra 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • 0:43 a blessed sneak of Deltarune with Lancer, Kris, Ralsei and Susie running across the screen in the background.

    Astra 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • I want this song and video tattooed onto the largest available surface on my skin. The animation is smooth and the depiction of the characters have me drooling. The song compliments the animation sooooooo well it's unreal. The creativity and fluidity of this animation is scrumptious just like hot dogs and fries so it's a 1939748565896/10 for me 😀

    Astra 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • 0:28

    KAY3 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • The dances are so clean I'm so jealous-

    DaylightDetective 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • The deltarune easter egg at the end makes me so happy😭💕

    Pshh 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • I wish i had found this a while ago

    Blue bird games 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • sans does the gottem 👌 hand sign right before he crosses his arms.

    ah 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • I love it. :03

    Pundertale Fan 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • Perfection

    Dragonair Dragon 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • this should be as trailer for undertale, it looks so great

    Przemysław Bednarski 25/10/2022 pm10:38

    ZackStarbolt 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • This is the greatest animation I’ve seen in years

    Navraj 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • One of the most beautiful undertake animations I ever seen!!!

    Дима Долгиер 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • everything in this is so smooth i could watch it again theres so many parts i love i cannot express

    PoggerMilo 25/10/2022 pm10:38

    Nic P.M. 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • Watching this because I'm having Hot Dogs and French Fries for dinner tonight.

    FlyingPenguin 3000 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • So no one else noticed gaster?

    PromiseWasHere 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • I love how in the end ghaster is just watching.

    TaxEvasion's Studio 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • -Сколько раз ты это пересмотрел?
    – да.

    A21 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • 0:42 the deltarune referece 👌(^∀^●)ノシ

    SÉBASTIEN Duval 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • This is a masterpiece.

    Underfell Comics 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • easter eggs i could find
    0:00 you know i had to do it to em guy standing at the hotdog stand
    0:03 Reaper Bird can be seen behind Alphys for 2 frames
    0:10 tem
    0:16 "COO1 DUD3" license plate
    0:17 toby on his way to vehicularly manslaughter Kris, probably
    0:19 tem slides away leaving tem's face behind
    0:20 "Hot Dog..?" and "French Fry" on the menu (callback to start of song)
    0:24 Mettaton dances like how he does when you fight him
    0:28 Fortnite default dance
    0:42 Lancer, Kris, Ralsei and Susie run across the bridge thing
    0:43 GASTER

    Aster Antimony 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • The animations on this channel are the kind that you have to watch multiple times every time you see them

    _hey_im_josh_ 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • In the second 42 in slow motion we can see on the left Lancer Kris ralsei and Susie

    abejas • hace 50 años . 25/10/2022 pm10:38
  • when the gaster at the end

    Aynur Sarıkaya 25/10/2022 pm10:38