Two Must Try Recipes To Stay Warm | Gordon Ramsay

Here are two delicious autumn warmer for you to try to keep warm!

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  • The worst chef of all!

    José M 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • Come from a hunting family so we have deer chili in the winter time. I season mine with cayenne pepper, I don't like the flavor of chili powder. Amazon car hop trays.

    Classy Chassey Car Hop Trays 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • Your eggy bread is french toast. Now step away from the bread Ramsay and melt that cheese! 😂

    Beanie Baby 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • Wow! I'll have to try that eggie bread real soon. Thank you!

    Robin Baich 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • Here in the USA we call it French Bread

    Elsa Fischer 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • She billy snowmen can I move to the uk

    James Drury 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • In Canada we call it French toast

    anonymous person 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • It's fucking French toast with apple

    warzoneearth 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • You Is A Great Cook 🍳

    Kevin Caudle 19/10/2022 am2:59
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    Marcus Bridgette 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • Love that Tillie. She is beautiful and smart and a natural with food.

    Ann Lisk 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • I made the egg bread with the apples and it was delicious!!!

    Innessa Krykun 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • I love how relatable he is. Imperfect perfection.

    Love Mom&Dad 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • This food looks amazing and good to eat and once an old man told me there are concentration camps in Canada and places near guelph Ontario is suspicious and sometimes I think UFOs and aliens are S Traffickers and I also don't like being in guelph Ontario it makes me want to have a revolution in Canada because of the guverment leaders and I rather be in paris France and would Gordon Ramsay go to guelph Ontario and these places seem a bit off ? 🤔

    Violey Corolla features 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • 👌👍💪♥️😊😋🙏

    Joe Unforgiven 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • This is called French toast

    Danny Switzer 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • Egg bread = French toast 👍

    Jennifer Vinson 💗 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • Litteraly, pain perdu means "lost bread". But litterary, it would be "wasted bread", even more "bread that would have gone wasted". The recipe saving aging bread that would have gone to waste by making it enjoyable again. Goes well with a variety of ingredients, but just a bit of honey is the way to go for me.

    Killme Lemmy 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • U forgot to put a touch of salt and pepper on the apples Gordon

    Joey Karlo Saliente 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • Nice to meet you. I saw a video of you making sushi on a Japanese blog. I was so happy to see you making Japanese food. It was very wonderful.
    I usually don't leave comments on foreign people's videos because I don't understand English, but I wanted to comment on a nice video by a nice person, so I borrowed your translation tool.
    I too would love to try some of the food from different countries! I thought. I thought it would be wonderful if I could spend such time with people from various countries, eating delicious food and laughing together.
    I will continue to support you. With love from Japan.

    くまくま 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • His relationship with his daughter is beautiful but also god DAMN that sausage hot pot looks amazing.

    Nick Rick 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • I am never saying french toast again. It is now eggy bread

    Kyojuro Rengoku 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • I think I'm going to give this a go today ,I normally make my sausage casserole with stock so that version is like a sausage bourguignon ? Interesting !

    blood_upon_the_rose 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • Hello, chef… idk how to talk to you, only because my wife and my wife watched your so many shows so many times. We love you. Mainly my wife. My wife and I have only been married 1 year and she loves you. Her one wish is to meet “daddy Ramsay” and to
    Me that is the most adorable and amazing thing I could do for her, she is my everything and I know we bond so much over your shows. WE LOVE THEM. Please. We love them

    Ethan Van 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • Damn the cameraman / editor need to ease up on the ZOOM

    youmongrel 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • That looks like French toast

    myranda wilkins 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • i would never lose any weight if gordon cooks for me 😁

    blitz 19/10/2022 am2:59
  • Gordon's passion for cooking is contagious

    The Collector 19/10/2022 am2:59