Two Brothers Make New York's Spiciest, Juiciest Birria Tacos | Food Insider

Birria-Landia is a taco truck in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens, New York, that is getting praise left, right, and center. The truck, operated by brothers José and Jesús Moreno, specializes in rich, juicy birria, a stew made out of beef and spices, which the brothers use in tacos, tostadas, and mulitas. You can also get a hot cup of consomé, or broth. The best way to eat the tacos is dipping them into the consomé.

Editor’s note: Insider visited Birria Landia in February 2020. The truck is currently open for takeout and delivery daily from 2 p.m. – 11 p.m. Please visit their instagram for more information:

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Two Brothers Make New York’s Spiciest, Juiciest Birria Tacos | Food Insider



  • LA rules, New York drools. Tacos that is. We won't speak pizza.

    Mr. Atoz 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • Si lo aces con amor sale mejor

    NORTESF gang sFm to haystack 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • ✝️ “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. ❤(‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7‬‬:‭24‬ ESV)

    BigPenny745 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • You can say that they're Los Tacos Hermanos

    onememeyboi 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • For God so loved the world that He gave His one & only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall Not perish But have eternal life.(John 3:16)✝️

    John3:16 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • I know a better place in Arlington, VA.
    Nono’s Taqueria!!!

    Frankie Rivera 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • Watching this during the lockdown is making me want Tacos so bad, lol. It looks soooo good.

    SMToon Larva Gold 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • Eww Mexican food

    players whelm 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • “Con su may” yeah that’s definitely how you pronounce that…

    HyprHotshot 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • Like 👍 si eres de Jalisco 😀

    Pichónix 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • I remember when I first heard about Birria taco's and I was like oh boy another food all hyped up. Then I tried them and I was like ok I get it these tacos are amazing.

    T2ainwreck 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • WEST COAST 🏖️🌴

    King Polo 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • As an Indian, I can sense the American food tastes and experience has evolved to the next level.

    Just 3-5 years ago, they would have called this curry and considered it Indian food.


    A G 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • It kind of seems like they just slapped barbacoa on tacos. I wonder where the name Birria comes from

    Grimm_Grows 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • How does the shared food workspace works? Do they rent the space and bring their own equipment? Is there staff on present who clean the equipment, do the people clean the equipment they use?

    MasterGhostf 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • I will admit, I don't like birria that much (I'm more of either a carne asada, or tacos al pastor kinda guy) because here in Hermosillo they mostly make them kinda dry, but, birria tacos with consome is the way to go.

    ArchArturo 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • I just got my wisdom teeth removed, and I’m currently crying hysterically watching this

    Jack Burkhardt 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • Wawaweewa, very sexy

    SuperEman500 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • 🍻🍻🍻

    Aaron Hovey 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • Los Tacos Hermanos

    Tommy 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • White people make our traditional foods trendy for some reason like the avocado we've been eating it all our life I don't get the explosion in popularity kinda annoying

    Mindfulnessorganix 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • Trash ass tacos ain’t even got cheese in them

    Gorilla Glue 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • Lost me at cilantro but they look pretty good otherwise. And that's saying a lot about the worst food vessel in history.

    Crusty Boi 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • That’ll burn your asshole out.

    Neil tron 21/10/2022 pm12:34
  • Fads are pathetic

    George Liquor 21/10/2022 pm12:34