TUNA SALAD SANDWICH 2 WAYS (This Cooking Method Blew My Mind)

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2 cans or 225g nice canned tuna
110g or 1/2c mayo (recipe below)
50g or 1/3c bread & butter pickles, small chopped
20-30g or ½ medium shallot, small diced and rinsed under cold water
10g or 1 heaping Tbsp capers, rough chopped
35g or 1 stalk of celery, small diced
30g or 2 Tbsp yellow mustard
1.5g salt or 1 generous pinch
1g or 10-15 cranks of cracked black pepp

Mix with a fork until tuna has broken down into medium sized chunks. Toast thick-cut bread and spread light layer of mayo on each piece of toast. Scoop generous amount of tuna on bread and top with additional chopped b&b pickles, cracked black pepp, and shredded lettuce.

MAYO (recipe makes about 250g)
1lrg egg
20g or 1 1/3Tbsp water
20g or 1 1/3Tbsp white distilled vinegar
5g or 3/4tsp salt
325g or 1 1/3c neutral oil (avocado, canola, grapeseed, etc)

Add all ingredients except oil into a high sided container, blend with hand blender then slowly stream in oil.

220g or 1/2lb of oil poached tuna. See below for cooking methods OR use nice oil-packed white tuna
25-30g or ½ shallot, finely minced
10g chopped parsley
30g or 2-3Tbsp roasted red pepper, diced
10g or 1.5 Tbsp fennel, small diced
25g or 2Tbsp kalamata olives, coarsely chopped
10-15g or 1Tbsp capers, coarsely chopped
35g or 2 3/4Tbsp nice olive oil + additional for garnish
20g or 1 1/4Tbsp red wine vinegar
A pinch or 15-20 cranks cracked black pepper

Mix tuna and ingredients together using a fork to break down super large chunks of meat. Scoop salad onto a narrow crusty bread (baguette style). Add additional pinch of pepper and drizzle of nice olive oil.

1lb/.5kg raw big eye tuna (yellowfin also works)

Salt both sides of tuna steak generously. Add 500g or 2.5c olive oil to small sauce pan over med heat. Preheat oil to 150F/65C. Carefully lay in tuna steak, reduce heat to lowish, and poach for 25-30min, keeping an eye on the oil temp to be sure it stays at around 150F/65C. After about 25 min or when temp of tuna reaches 150F/65C, remove from heat and allow to cool for about 30min.

1lb/.5kg raw big eye tuna (yellowfin also works)

Salt both sides of tuna steak generously. Add 1gal or 4liters water to tall sided pot and add immersion circulator and set temperature to 150F/65C. Add salted tuna steak with a couple of glugs of nice olive oil into a sealed bag (i’m using a vacuum sealed bag). Allow to poach for about 35min. After 35min, remove immersion circulator and add a qt of ice to stop the fish from cooking.

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  • I like tuna sandwich thank for your sharing 😋

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    Shimul's vlog 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • I lived in France many years , there I learned that we should avoid consuming the juices of all canned or glassed foods. That "water" is where the presevants are we should rinse them first in the case of tuna just squeeze out the most juice as possible and throw it away.

    Sharon Damongeot 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • Mucho delicioso!! Lol yum yum totally looks fantastic . You break it down to a science 👆🏻

    gratefultammy 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • Try it with balsamic vinegar. I make a similar recipe to your deli style but the balsamic adds a little sweetness and 'woody-ness' and it lends the recipe a little oomph.

    MiG2880 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • I love tuna. Having to limit because of mercury contamination makes me sad. I'd eat it every day if not for that.

    Bethany B. 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • I love fresh squeezed lemon juice in my tuna salad

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  • You left out the best ingredient for the deli style – Lay’s potato chips on top!!!

    PV96 Mexico 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • I certainly would prefer the sous vide technique, however you can use your immersion circulator in oil just as well, the oil won’t harm the circulator, but gives you a better control on even temperature and thereby equals the result compared to water based sous vide.

    OXBE 21/10/2022 am2:02




    HORACE COMEGNA 21/10/2022 am2:02
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  • Tuna, Mayo, Black Pepper, Balasamic with Arrugula and some White cheddar is a winner

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    Maria Werner 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • Didn't' have celery. Skipped the capers. Used 1 small serrano finely diced, keeping everything else the same. Made a tuna melt with swiss cheese. Best fish sandwich I've ever had.

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  • I'm not a fan of fish. The only way I've ever enjoyed tuna salad in one way: pepper and mayo. Olives, lettuce, stuff like that is fine for making a sandwich, but cheese is a firm no for me with fish.

    I also only left this comment, so you could have the interaction points or whatever YouTube calls them.

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    Simple Cyndaquil 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • I just did a variant on the Mediterranean version using canned sardines. Works really well. Gonna bookmark this one.

    ElasmoBruh 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • Even if I go to a deli with 25 sandwich options I always go with tuna. Wraps, toasted, sub, Wonder bread it's just the perfect lunch

    Jacked Kerouac 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • Thank you Brian on the rare chance you see this. I was in the Infantry 27 years and mostly ate rations, cold (I know, Boo Hoo). LOL, I still like them. BUT! In my old age, I have to cook for myself and this helps my health and quality of life. I appreciate it and think you do a great job. Thank you Brian.

    Jack Walker 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • You could eat tuna every meal for the rest of your life and still not be hurt by Mercury Poisoning..dont believe the hype $$.
    You got 100s of times more chances of being hurt or killed by going to the supermarket by being involved in a car crash just buying the fish…

    charlie pearce 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • The first version is good enough for me, I'm not wasting a beautiful tuna steak on a sandwich

    Radhia Deedou 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • Pickles are a great! Try pickled red onions, instead. They're great too!

    Mark Landgraf 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • If you can, I suggest tuna in oil if you're on a budget – it costs about the same as tuna in water but is a LOT less soggy and tastes so much better in a salad.

    redavatar 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • I love the watery tuna. I drain it and give the water to my cat. He loves it. The cheaper watery tuna is moist the $3 tuna tastes like eating a rice cake … very dry but good recipes

    Camille Simon 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • Immediately I don't like your recipes. If this is how you make tuna salad you are no cook. Never heard of anyone putting 'raw egg" in tuna salad….aside from uncooked egg being unsafe. And I can do without the capers…they are bitter….so is the mustard. I weill completely skip the oily, greasy, salty Mediteranean style tuna salad. Also….you need to slow down. Try decaf.

    Mccx Cccx 21/10/2022 am2:02
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    Awesome video!

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  • Open tuna tin, scoop on to bread add mayo… done.

    Daniel LaRusso 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • I use fresh tuna. I steam my tuna.. I find it a little better taste. Sometimes I will add old bay. Like your mayo recipe. I will try it this week

    Joe Norman 21/10/2022 am2:02
  • The first one is hilariously close to my mother's recipe for tuna salad. I like to skip the mayo and onion/celery, use extra spicy brown mustard, and sub in green olives for the capers.

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