Trying 5 most popular Romanian desserts!

We finally tried some of the most popular Romanian dessert.
Which one will be our favorite?
Check out our vlog!

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00:00 – Shoutout to Varza a la Cluj
1:32 – Vargebeles
7:02 – Bird’s Milk
12:18 – Papanasi
17:10 – Coliva?
19:41 – Savarina

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  • What other Romanian desserts should we try?🍰🧁🍨🍩🍮🍭

    JetLag Warriors 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • I'm pretty sure this is exactly how Romanians are being treated when they hit Canada 🙄

    SalaKahle 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • Hellooo, come to Constanta 🙂

    Teodor Dumitru 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • You won't find coliva anywhere in the streets because it's a dish that we serve at church when someone dies or when commemorating someone's death (every year, for 7 years after a person has died). I've read somewhere that the tradition is very old and dates back to sanscrit times. The wheat grain itself is supposed to symbolize abundance in the afterlife of a person?

    Georgiana Popescu 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • My dudes, you absolutely need to try "cremă de zahăr ars" it might be the only Romanian dessert I know of, that is even more delicious then savarina.

    Hal 9000 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • Papanași is desert, mici not. But is the same bouncy-ness in each of them 👍

    Bogdan Mihai Rizea 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • Try: cozonac, chec, mălai dulce, mucenici cu zeamă ( unfortunately, it is only prepared on March 8) , amandină, halva, salam de biscuiți (biscuit salami), carpați cake, poale în brâu

    Bogdan Cristian Ciulinaru 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • Ah, the Romanian life…totul bine?!😅😅😅

    Mind in possible 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • Cofetaria Alice in Bucarest has coliva for sale, or you can get it for free almost every Saturday at an monastery, the monastery coliva it's better because it has more walnuts

    Bogdan Cristian Ciulinaru 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • Koliva is delicious always served at memorial services after the death of a loved one , I find the Greeks do it the best when it comes to Koliva

    Penny Petrovic 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • Savarina is a also a slang for p….sy

    yaxkuk 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • You so funny…Rumania 😂

    cristian máté 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • 😋

    Puiu-Ionel Ivan-Barzuca 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • I would guess the jam on the papanași is not blueberry but bitter cherry: a type of small black cherry that makes the best preserve imaginable. Just to clarify, they are not sour cherries (vișine), but bitter cherries (cireșe amare). Fresh bitter cherries are almost not edible, but the preserve is amazing.

    ris2g 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • Hey guys, to find coliva all you have to do is go to church on a sunday morning and ask the nice old ladies for some (there are high chances they will offer you some before you can ask), they will be more then glad to give you some

    Niciodata FaraFes 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • There is no need to change the name of the country, rum is english for rom, in romanian…so, rom/România 😂 could be our new gastronomic emblem 😅🤗. The recomandations you received were very traditional, so "good job" to your guides.

    Milore Milore 25/10/2022 am12:19

    celebrul_anonim_ 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • I'm afraid when I look at you, you must run away from Romania as soon as possible, otherwise you will gain weight by 10 kg a week ….

    Marcu Daniel 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • Cremsnit ! Or Diplomat cake its very Loved in Romania too

    Florin Remus Olteanu 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • The rum that we use for sweets is not alcohol, it's just rum flavour

    Alexandra Calarasu 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • thanks to you I started to love Romania and proud to be romanian
    Fortza Dinamo Bucharest :))

    ♔〘Ł€Ǥ€ŇĐ〙♔ 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • Hi! I am from Romania so I am so proud that you chose to discover my country. I like your videous and I appreciate your courage and your adventure spirit. How long do you stay in Romania? 🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩

    Briana 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • I kown this is not the vlog to post this BUT:
    so I was watching the vlog from a year ago in the old customs LIVE and I wanted you to know that Vama you said it right and VECHE YOU COULD SPELL IT VE-"CA" LIKE IN CAKE

    ghazzy88 25/10/2022 am12:19
  • What is a papanasi

    Mohd Fairuz 25/10/2022 am12:19