Try Guys Make Hand Pulled Noodles with No Recipe

As a YouTube exclusive, we’re giving you the original ~unaired~ pilot for our new Food Network show before the premiere tonight! We’re visiting Bang Bang Noodles in Los Angeles to make our own versions of hand pulled noodles… all without a recipe, of course. Tune into No Recipe Roadtrip with The Try Guys, Wednesdays at 10pm on Food Network or stream it on Discovery+.

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  • ‘I can’t cheat, gotta do what’s right!’

    Yikes Ned…yikes

    Audrey England 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • I can't believe Ned has been on a cheating spree and we didn't even realize it

    Joriel Matthew Cruz 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • I swear that Ned never seemed to know what he was doing in these shows… so how did he write a cook book. Then you hear about the scandal and you're like "Oh! Ariel is the one who actually wrote the book."

    Rose C 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • Eugene I hope you read this, I'm not an alcoholic I'm a drunk I don't attend meetings😂🤣

    Yaoi Kitten 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • 26:14 you can’t make this shit up.

    Malci 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • 6 part season in November 😭 yeah doubt it now— Thanks Ned!! 😠

    Jojo C. 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • I have been watching all the episodes in this playlist and I love that Eugene always makes something with alcohol in it lol that is something I would do! Very hard to get right without measuring but if he can get the right mix of everything he definitely had the potential to win every single time lol

    Deanna Jones 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • Ned is the only man in this crew.

    The Shape 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • Here to support my three best Guys. <3

    Margaret Frost 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • the fact that keith grabbed a bowl while grabbing his apron 😂😂😂

    gwathe 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • eugene’s beard is absolutely slaying

    miamiabobia Bananananafofana 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • I would love to be on something like this. It would be so much fun.

    Gallix Reaper 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • So it's just flour and water and anything else you add just messes it up haha

    Juleyse 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • 24:45 was really funny when Keith said the cheese was hot lol

    Kelly Mesisca 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • I swear cheese and seafood is the worst combo 😂 but the rest of the dish looked awesome

    FoxenKin ASMR 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • “An all day affair”

    melanie ! 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • I hope I can still get a chance to watch the show 😬

    Rufous DeDerp 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • Ned always was the worst try guy

    moxieboxie24 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • I feel so bad for them watching this knowing Ned fucked it up for them

    deadspooky 2 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • Ned got that hand pulled noodle

    LulTim 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • Idk if im wrong but isnt the word for grandfather in italian nonno? cuz ned said nanu or smth

    shmertelin x 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • My favourite part is when the guys say what they are doing and they cut to the expert saying explicitly NOT to do that

    Rachel Stocker 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • "what about the children?" YEAH NED-

    cabbage_patch_child 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • Ned’s horrible pronunciation of nonno sent me to the ER, where do you see the letter u in that word sir ?

    Jodi Galvano 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • 16:25 you deserved that Ned!

    Riley GShep 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • As an Italian, l really hate now Ned pronounces “doppio 0”. It's Italian for double and it's not pronounced like that. Not even close. Oh well, at least he and his sidechick are gone.

    PS: if someone is interested, the correct way to say DOPPIO is to basically say “dope” without the Eputting some emphasis on the P and then connecting the word with E (pronounced like “E-motional”) and O. Italian is not that hard.

    PPS: just realised he is trying to say TIPO ZERO ZERO…………. no, just no, all of it just NO. You wanna know how TIPO (not 00 though but okay) is pronounced? 5:50 thanks Keith! Just sooooooooooo glad he’s gone. As well as the itch-b that ruined her 10 year relationship to be with that tool, I hope.

    Goddamnit, so annoying.

    illicithurricane 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • Cheating and illegal parking wow former pink try guy 😂

    Jillian Nelson 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • 16:25 the sauce knew and retaliated against Ned

    Victoria Menendez 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • Ned saying “I cant cheat” reminds me of something, oh yeah you actually cheated

    iron-btw 20/10/2022 pm10:50
  • 26:04 "why would I ruin something perfect?" I don't know, you tell me 👀

    StressedVulture 20/10/2022 pm10:50