Tribal People Try Reuben Sandwich For The First Time

Tribal/Villagers try different International Food for the first time. They give pure reaction to the food/things they have never tried.
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All the Participant are from Punjab, a province in Pakistan.

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  • Corned beef is one of my favorite sandwich meats.

    SargNickFury 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • I couldn't get myself to watch this one, because the Reuben sandwiches looked so terrible. Give them a real grilled Reuben and I'll give it a go. The Welsh Rarebit doesn't look so sporty either, so I'm pretty sure the reactions are far better than the cooks 😟

    fred hazeltine 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • It ain't a Reuben if it doesn't have sauerkraut .

    AsphaltMan11 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • And again, no drink to go with it? Zero?!

    Keyee M. 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • they try other nations foods. how about a video where they each show what their favorite meal is. how show how to eat it.

    Tortured Soul 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • Hello from Denmark, I am poor compared to most other Danes, however it breaks my heart that such things is not readily available for everyone. EVERYONE should have their own Reuben Sandwich. And it pleases me that you guys get to try all the delicious things that come from the western world, just like we have enjoyed all your curry dishes!

    Martin Jacobsen 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • Could we have a video entirely made up of Mr Chaudhary’s favourite food tastings, please? His face is a picture when he eats something he enjoys a great deal! 😊

    Whippy99 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • this is one of my favorites. In Canada we have a sandwich called Montreal smoked meat that is pretty great.

    david spinney 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • please get the Tiramisu!!!!

    J D 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • I was worried for a bit. They seemed extra careful about trying the first bite. LOL

    Kim Broom 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • Im from NY. A few times a year i would drive 2 1/2 hours to NYC just to get a real deal Rueben

    Wil Smith 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • The Reubens is the mother of all sandwiches, the holy grail, in fact:

    One Sandwich to rule them all, One Sandwhich to find them,
    One Sandwich to bring them all, and in the delishesness bind them.

    Ozymandias The King 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • Have them try durian lol

    Whit 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • Is there anybody out there who only speaks English but tries to listen to them speaking with the subtitles to learn some words but still don't have a clue. Or just me 😅

    cole senecal 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • What happened to rana's teeth

    Jill Millard 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • My favorite sandwich! A shame that it appears they had the version with coleslaw instead of sauerkraut, though- I adore sauerkraut and think it's one of the best ways to eat cabbage.

    Abby M 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • I love them for their humble gratefulness and kindness. Tahir is still my favorite.

    susanlyn2 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • My FAVORITE sandwich of all time.

    Caleb Golding 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • Oh my God, that is my favorite! Just had one last night

    C Johnson 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • I had these sandwiches everyday for lunch growing up as a kid in grade school back in the 80s and 90s. It's so simple. Bread, sliced meat, cheese slices, butter, mayo, ect. So simple toppings. Blows my mind after 40years. There are still people that have never gotten to taste and eat the most simple of things. That have been vastly available worldwide for 40 years.

    JenniferX 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • Such endearing and funny comments, as always! But why is there no woman on this show??

    Z8Q8 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • I'm glad they are enjoying the "reuben" but, I would like to see more actual representations of food stuffs they are tasting. Classic American reuben is; Rye bread, sauerkraut, pastrami, thousand island and a melted white cheese(mozzerella, swiss etc). Sher Kahn is my favorite in this group. BEST moustace EVER!! I understand it may be difficult for them to source the proper ingredients. So they do the best with what they get.👍

    Jack Carreno 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • I would love to cook for them.

    Sarah Sherman 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • OMG my favorite!

    Colleen Casseday-Fowler 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • need like wayyyyyyy more meat per sandwich like 20 pieces

    DouglasJames89 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • As always, these guys are gems .. but that sandwich.. oh my … what a horrid representation of a scrumptious sandwich

    Cavewoman1954 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • I love this channel's content and watch almost every video but i gotta say that Reuben is pathetic haha. Would love to give them a real Reuben. Keep making great content though!

    MATTxMAD 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • Muslims eating a sandwich invented by a jewish man. Priceless. Food gets us together and promotes peace.

    COOLPETS PORTUGAL 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • They would of loved eating Slymans from downtown Cleveland, Ohio ! America's Best corned beef <3 proven!

    Kashea 'Cash-shay' 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • Thank they didn't serve them a California one.. gross

    Joseph Mull 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • The end of video is blacked out without sound!!

    Davey Houston 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • It took them forever to eat it!!! They kept examining it

    Davey Houston 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • The Ruben originated from my home town of Omaha Nebraska. So glad you got to try it😋

    nina west 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • I enjoy these videos so much! It would be great if viewers could have more details about what exactly is being served. Often there are side sauces that are never described, and sometimes ingredients are changed due to availability and the diets of the "tryers".

    uncleclyde42 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • Why do they always look at new food like it's a ticking bomb?

    White Odin 26/10/2022 am4:04
  • Are what they are calling onions really sauerkraut? That would explain the slightly sour taste.

    Ian Ramage 26/10/2022 am4:04