Tribal People Try Club Sandwich For The First Time!

Tribal/Villagers try different International Food for the first time. They give pure reaction to the food/things they have never tried.
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All the Participant are from Punjab, a province in Pakistan.

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  • Absolutely love this channel … it is a small joy to see their faces light up when they eat American food.

    sociallyxxdistorted 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • I didn't know there was such a thing as beef bacon!

    timothy ellis 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • "Drakes meat is really delicious"…..PAUSE

    Lothrop StoddardJr 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Mr Gul's always has the coolest looking turban

    Ninja Dog 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Chaudaray missed out this time. Where is he?

    Winston Viceroy 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Bro they are Punjabi Muslims mainly of Pakistan, how are these guys tribals😂

    PIYUSH SHARMA 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • These guys eat better than I do!

    zummo61 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Great job in making these meals. You really spoil them. Gul says is this all for me?

    Michael Taylor 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Your English is awesome Mr. Rana. Great pronunciation. I commend you!

    Linda B 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • John cena 😂😂

    jv 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Great job making that food! It looked correct and delicious 😊

    Macky Mintle 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Lol a club sandwich Is ham turkey and bacon. Lol how did you get around the ham and bacon considering you're all Muslim? Hint. That's not a club sandwich

    Terry Armbruster 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Pro tip: A club sandwich should have a fried egg for the yolk to soften the toasted bread.

    Ben Bonafasini 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • LOL @ turkey's meat. These guys slay me. 😊 @ 5:44 No dude! Wrong and wrong and wrong again. The tomato is a fruit and can be consumed raw or cooked. Here in America raw tomatoes are served on a daily basis, nationwide, on a variety of sandwiches as well as in salads. If it caused severe intestinal infection, the entire country would be home in bed.

    Line Danzer 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • "To keep it from running?" 🤣🤣🤣

    NicolaiAAA 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • I love these guys

    James Curran 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • It's just 3 other sandwiches put together. Trashy shitty meat overload. Not gourmet NY food at all..

    Freshbrood 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Mr.Chaudrey is missing from the group 😭

    Lizzard 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • pakistani john cena,wow i can't see him🤣🤣🤣

    L.A. Thorne 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Have they tried Monte Cristo yet? Yum!!

    M P 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Ketchup on a club is nasty. You should explain how it's meant to be eaten.

    Steven Bear 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • The Clubhouse sandwich is one of the wonders of the world, happy you had a chance to try one.

    Gee Man 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • I hope Mr. Chaudray is ok!! I don't think I remember a video without him, although he is missed, it was still great to see the others!

    MuzikkJunkiee 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • So glad they enjoyed these! A club sandwich is one of my go-to tests for a restaurant – if they can make and present a good club, the rest of their food is likely to be good too

    Izzy Mhee 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • It would be lovely to introduce cooking segments and having the wonderful guys make simple omelets and such and then eat them. Maybe they could bring a son or daughter or niece or nephew to share the experience with.

    Bighearted Gal 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Beef bacon doesn't make a club sandwich you need the pork or didn't happen

    Darren F Baker 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Tahir is 100% right every bite should be followed by a ketchup smothered fry 😂

    James Torres 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Poor dudes!! Who let them dip a club in ketchup?!?! That sauce is for the fries not the sandwhich.. i feel for em haha

    Krutmaster V 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Would like to send a southern American cook to your spot to cook the food for you, you would be surprised how much the cook has to do with the dish tasting great or inedible.

    Human Games 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Your English is beautiful, you speak a nasty language with such beauty :)❤

    Human Games 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • "I like my sandwiches with three pieces of bread."
    "Well, so do I!"
    "Then let's form a club."
    "OK, but we need some more stipulations. Instead of cutting the sandwich once, let's cut it again. Yes, four triangles, arranged in a circle, and in the middle we will dump chips."
    "How do you feel about frilly toothpicks?"
    "I'm for 'em!"
    "Well, this club is formed."

    RIP Mitch Hedberg 🙏

    Matthew Urbas 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • One day I believe he will be Pakistani John Cena

    The Prince of Hwy 50 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • This is the best thing about this 21st century: Even our muslim friends can have bacon, either from Mr.Cow or Ms.Turkey.
    But at least they can experience crispy-ness-ness and enjoy. Hamdullah!

    MrEiht 19/10/2022 am7:56
  • Well said mr. Rana !!

    MP_MIA 19/10/2022 am7:56