Traditional French Pot Roast Chicken HD

The best roast chicken is not the chook you know. Really, it’s true. Dry baking is great, but in fact there’s a very old French technique that take chicken to somewhere rally special. All you need is a traditional heavy pot with a fitting lid (it could be an enamelled cast iron, terracotta, or even just a regular old camp oven). The secret is in the way heavy pot transfer heat, and how the heavy lid locks in the pressure for a better bake.



  • It looks good hope you washed the chicken thoroughly

    I Got You In A Trance 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • After 2 hours I have a raw chicken 🤢

    ver0gloria 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • It would be better with different spelling I'm sure

    Soren Ingram 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Delicious. My favorite meal. I haven't made it in quite a long time. So I popped in for e refresher course. Lovely. Thank you.

    Z 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Chicken looked delicious but if you don't cut into it, it didn't happen 🙂

    Ikura Prime 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • 3 minute video that could've been done in 1 minute without the babble.

    Grant Moe 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Ameiiiiii vou fazer

    Cozinha Rápida e Fácil 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • So good… yes!

    scoremat 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Bro I just smoked and got hungry the chicken potatos and gravi look delicious

    Maniu Lopez 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • What size pot was used in the video? I have a 3-1/2qt Dutch Oven, would it work in that? It certainly does look delicious.

    Maureen Kwarcinski 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • My compliments to the chef on this one. I have duplicated this recipe multiple times with my modestly priced American made Lodge enameled "Dutch" oven, and it was excellent. I didn't have any sherry on hand so I substituted Marsala wine which was noticeable in the finished gravy. Your step of first browning the bird breast side down avoids the pale looking skin on the classic "Poulet Au Pot" and I consider it an improvement. ( Sorry, Jacques Pepin). This is one of the best one pot meals you can make.

    James Morrison 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Great recipe, but the guy is a tool

    Carl Youngblood 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Have no idea what temperature, sounds like he said 160 degrees?? There’s no way.

    Angelica Apahidean 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • I switched my criteria for recipe hunts by inserting the word “traditional” and the name of the country the dish originated in and I get so much better stuff with none of that New Age trickery.

    Lyle DeColyse 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Got my first Le Creuset dutch oven and will be trying this tonight. Looks delish!

    Victoria 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • How many quarts is that Dutch Oven?
    I need to buy one. Looks too amazing to not give it a go.

    charles widmore 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Thanks for sharing this recipe 🌈

    Mary Ng shwu ling 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • This guy is such a bullshitter it’s hilarious

    Nigel Bumcorn 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Oh my God. That's beautiful indeed. 👏👏👏👏👏 👍

    Elizabeth Navarro 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • I made this tonight and it was an absolute treat for the senses!! I came of my 24 hour fast and it tasted even better. As a chef who has never ventured into the pot roast club, I am now hooked. From one Aussie to another, thank you 😀😀.

    Demelza 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • New subscriber is in the building

    Cooking With Sherrissa 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • I am trying this. It’s in the oven. Smells amazing,

    michelle belle 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Thanks for sharing the recipe!!!

    Susana Smith 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • I have the exact iron cast pot for 6 years and I never used it, the time has come to pull it out of the box.

    Lorenzo 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Fast Ed is super wobbly while he presents!

    Pradon Sirakovit 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • You have a new fan! From California with love ❤️

    Debbie Zullo 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

    Neen 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Dutch ovens were invented in New England where I was born and raised. In fact they were brought over on the Mayflower and then were continued to be struck here. It's not a French pot in my world! I have done cast iron Dutch oven chicken since I was 10 years old and I am one of those deplorable Yanks but lived all over the planet. 🙂

    Elizabeth Shaw 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • I love Pot Roast Chicken its my fav food.

    Tropik 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Fair warning this 160 degrees is in Celsius not Fahrenheit that should be 320 F. This is completely my fault since chicken needs to be about 165 F to begin with. But I made the mistake of cooking this for an hour and a half at 160 F and obviously it wasn't finished in time for dinner so I stayed up after dinner coking lunch for the week lol.

    Charles Kirby 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • What did he use to thicken it ?

    Aman Basanti 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • is this a 27cm or 29cm oval pot?

    Morgan Oh 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • First time watching…

    out of this world 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Couldn't find the recipe at Ingham's website, which wasn't helpful in the least. A link would have helped.

    Sean Ferguson 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Delicious fall meal

    Brook Lyn 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • I want mines browned crispy

    Brook Lyn 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Nice chicken

    Brook Lyn 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Meaty flavor ful bird

    Brook Lyn 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • You’re the most handsome guy i ever seen😍😍😍

    Shine B. 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • I wonder why he insists on showing us only one ear at a time.

    kentchr76 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • I made this and it was bland.

    Jacquelyn Baldeon Garo 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Where can I find this recipe? I went on their website and couldn’t locate it.

    Lisa Huynh 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • What size Dutch oven do I need for this?

    Stephanie Sieng 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • went to the website but couldn't fine the recipe 🙁

    Hwn Gemini 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • Made this from the guidance…..

    kirtisameer 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • did you put no oil in the pot. and what liquid can one use in stead of sherry … thinking of putting lemon also in there 🙂

    Berglind ágústsdóttir 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • I couldn't find the recipe on the website. I want to print it out. Did anyone have any luck with that?

    daved57 22/10/2022 am11:19
  • I tried it last night, I add apple cider instead, my daughter love it so much and ask if I can cook it again.

    Vivi Ss 22/10/2022 am11:19