TommyInnit's Strange NYC Experience & Meeting Schlatt – Chuckle Sandwich EP 62

On this episode of Chuckle Sandwich, we bring longtime huge fan of the podcast TommyInnit back to talk about his first experience in America, where he did a series attempting to complete a series of challenges in order to meet Schlatt – among other things, enjoy!


Edited by Scott:
Intro Music by Oval:

chapters :
0:00:00 – intro
0:01:30 – ted’s shirt
0:02:10 – teachers
0:03:27 – schlatt’s tiger
0:05:00 – audio listeners, love ya to death
0:07:10 – meeting schlatt in New York
0:07:55 – meeting mr beast
0:12:00 – people recognising tommy in public
0:14:00 – the people tommy met in new york
0:18:45 – what tommy would change about the series
0:20:05 – could tommy see himself in america?
0:21:35 – how many steps tommy did in new york
0:22:55 – snap maps
0:23:40 – dream’s face reveal
0:26:00 – cock enchantments
0:28:20 – acid reflux
0:29:19 – tommy’s grandad swallowed a bee
0:30:00 – the queen is dead
0:31:30 – predicting tommy’s death
0:34:50 – tommy with drugs
0:35:23 – tommy met schlatt’s family
0:42:40 – reaching a certain level of fame
0:44:10 – mr beast should kill someone
0:45:11 – gifts from mr beast
0:47:50 – trick or treating
0:51:00 – tommy has an std
0:51:40 – tommy’s big question
0:53:35 – skyrim / mr beast
0:55:40 – where does tommy want to go from here?
1:02:47 – outro

Chuckle Sandwich is a podcast hosted by Ted Nivison and Dookie Schlatt where they bring on guests across the internet to talk about whatever is on their mind. They haven’t figured out what this podcast is about yet.



  • This episode needed charlie

    Mohamed Ebrahim 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • I've always eaten corn where the leaves are still on, and peel them before I eat

    Shaan P 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • fire aspect

    Josh Rodin 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • why do these episodes not exist on the channel

    faak juu 19/10/2022 pm8:32

    The A55A553N 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • if i were to enchant my hypothetical cock, i’d put multishot on it. perhaps depth strider or piercing too

    isopropyalchol 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • As a video seer, this was terrible because whenever Ted talked, we had to see that stupid shirt he's wearing

    Gregen 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • Sideburns? That's fucked up Ted.

    Beardology 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • NuTu 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • chuckle sandwich lacks accessibility for visual only enjoyers 💔

    sillybilly 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • So, you're telling me some old new Yorker man saw a skinny teenager dressed as spider man and just said to him
    "I killed 65 people in Vietnam. And a snake. It feel from the tree and I cut it in half. Have you ever had snake blood on you kid? And I like boys too."

    Gwen H. 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • Crazy how tommyinnit gonna die on my birthday from jschlatts prediction

    Jenediel Rodriguez 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • I'm making bacon right now and it sucks. I'm sick of getting grease splatter on my arm and cock

    Dynesaurus 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • Man Ted be writing fanfics about being an art teacher wtf??? 😂😂😂

    Arwin Woods 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • With all the cock enchantment talk, how do you forget about IMPALING lmao

    Rossa 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • Hey guys, love the podcast, could y’all try and get Sweet Anita on the show one of these days! Have a good one, peace!😁

    to2burger 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • I like listening to these podcasts as it is one of the only things that I can reasonably hear through crappy headphones

    The Big Peen 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • Tommy's laugh at 10:31 tho

    ImpishChimp 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • did ted just pronounce nougat as noo-got

    Geno Xpli 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • Is it just me or is Tommy a perfect fit for the podcast? Feels just like when they started, Bully Ted the podcast

    Yakaryn 19/10/2022 pm8:32
  • 31:36 bro became the new charlie

    Sami 19/10/2022 pm8:32