Three Delicious Back To School Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

Here are three recipes that are quick and easy for when your kids get home from school!

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  • the last one called kwetiau lol

    indrie CTB 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • 👇🏽👎🏽

    Camilo Moya Baterista 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Perkedel

    ZlevillaiN 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • He made 3 dishes in 13 minutes wow😱.

    Panda 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Gordon is the man, but bro said, a few tblsp of cream and then dumped a quart in lol

    ThrowinFitz11 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • The second dishes is called Bakwan or Balabala

    Agano Wira Wijaya 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • can you also make the last recipe with vegetarian chicken?

    Melissa Klunder 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Thanks for the pasta recipe, mate. I have been modifying it with penne, mac, and speghetti. Never gets old.

    Darth Narak 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Having recipes up your sleeve to be able to cook good food for yourself is awesome ..

    James Eaton 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • best cook

    Debraj Roy 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • have inspired me into falling in love with creating fresh exciting meals, so every recipe I seek brings me back to your

    Brandon Stevenson 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Que rico!!!! Love it!!!

    ADRIANA FRANCO 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Olive oil in the last recipe ??

    Xoxobrialee 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Also third time I have watched this in full, made the fritters and they were fantastic my boys loved them. Thank you Mr. Ramsey…. More please

    Jarred Fradsham 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Someone has been listening to Rachael

    Jarred Fradsham 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • He grabs the chicken and then directly goes for the salt and pepper without washing his hands. This is why when I cook it takes 3x longer when dealing with raw meat. If you touch raw meat, aren't you supposed to wash before touching anything else? It's a real pain if you actually abide by this and no chef seems to do so.

    GreenBeats11 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • 'chop up a fat clove of garlic' ended me. I dont know why, Gordon makes me feel funny things.

    Siobhan Gibbens 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • "A couple tablespoons of cream" – adds a full cup

    Johnny Lawrence 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Wonder how much the measurement on the flour it was

    Brent williamson 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • I just came to see Ramsay's kitchen

    A E 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • His kitchen is mad

    Mercedes Benz 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • 2nd dish called bakwan jagung here

    Mail For Game 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Back to school recipes?? What the hell does that even mean?? I’m not understanding why these are “back to school recipes”…. Idk where Gordon went to school but here in America we got pizza bagels and chicken patty’s so idk what the hell a school recipe even means lol

    Bmccarth315 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Low heat after adding the cream otherwise the fat will separate.

    S R 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • No meat make weak! For the vegan woman😉

    ♎Kile♎ 18/10/2022 pm6:45
  • Gordon Ramsey is it true u have been to Indonesia ?

    piglet2 18/10/2022 pm6:45