Thomas Keller Roasted Chicken

  • I know hes one of the best…but the handling…or mishandling…of the salt and pepper concerns me….

    P Jj 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Great video. I don’t know about sticking the whole pepper grinder into the carcass of a raw chicken. Can you say cross contamination? Chef of this caliber should set a good example of correct sanitary prep techniques.

    Jimmy Christopher 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Delicious, perfect chicken! thou my oven is a mess it splattered and smoked at the high temp of 450😕- I've read others used a covered roasting pan, would the result still make skin crispy?

    Wendy Parent 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Thomas Keller is a great chef! Find out why on what makes a great chef channel.

    What Makes a Great Chef 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Thank you, Chef Thomas, you made this cooking technique LOOK👀 so SIMPLE! I’m in class, “to the wishbone🏃🏿‍♀️!”

    Olivia Payne-Tinson 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Was Anthony bourdain introducing chef keller

    Robin Simpson 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • I have to make this next in culinary school, I’m paying mine comes out well 😍

    Markesha Walter 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Very nice! Though, it would be better if the camera focus didn't change so much when Mr. Keller is showing how he ties the chicken🤷🏻‍♂️

    P R 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • The editing decision to cut away from the tying of the twine is astonishing.

    Alex 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Beautiful 🌹

    Sharon Ned 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Thomas Keller really doesn't believe in using salting proteins fyi

    Alex Prosenickov 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • The synth riff at the end is, yes, chef’s kiss

    Urban Hobbit 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Jacques Pepin! love it!

    4plus4equalsmoo 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Hola

    Jannay Torres 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Cross contaminated the pepper grinder by touching the raw chicken with it. 😵‍💫

    Gary Lee Moore 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • I wonder if that pepper mill got washed.

    Ramin Rouchi 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • 450° for 50 min? 🤔 Won't that burn it up? I roast potatoes at that temp for that amount of time. I'm going to have to try this and see it for myself.

    Tina Quillen 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Ok your band aide is grossing me out!

    Dawn Catlin-Strait 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • I love this video, but look at the quality of the product he’s working with. You can see it in the texture and thickness of the skin. It’s absolutely amazing! Great video! Great technique! It works! Best chicken I’ve ever roasted!

    Robert Ellis 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Leaving meat out to "come up to room temperature" accomplishes nothing. The internal temp will come up only a few degrees even after sitting out for an hour. This is because the meat is warmed by convection (the air in the room). The larger the difference in temperature between the meat and the ambient air, the more heat is transferred to the meat during a given time period. Because the difference in temperature between the meat and the air in the room is ~30 degrees F, hardly any heat is transferred to the meat. So, the meat barely warms up unless you leave it out for many hours, which isn't safe. You can test this yourself or read it in any number of science-based cookbooks.

    Any decent oven will regulate its temperature and won't have a problem heating the chicken. Putting a 40 degree F chicken vs a 60 degree F chicken in an oven will have very little effect because the difference between the hot oven air and the chicken is ~ 300 degrees F either way.

    So, the chef is wrong, but this is a persistent myth.

    James Aroeuett 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Great chef but I see cross-contamination

    Neoptolemus 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Marco Pierre white is the goat

    Reaper_2_Actual 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • Lol this man literally just put the chicken in the oven as is basically. Amazing.

    JokersAce0 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • He's probably a good chef. But this is fucking stupid. Yea I fucking said it. This fucker probably knows recipes your tounge couldn't even pronounce. But you fucking watched a world class chef, educated and trained in all sorts of cookfuckery — put salt, pepper, herbs in a chicken and put it in an oven and leave it there for 45 minutes. Something a 12 year old can do blindfolded. Next up… 12 star michellin chef shows us how to fry an egg.

    shogrran 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • 226-232, 1,5 kg = 45-50 min

    niels nielsen 20/10/2022 am10:51
  • The 70s adult movie jazz really spices this video up

    McGrawesome 20/10/2022 am10:51