This Roasted Chicken Recipe Rocks

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Making a whole roasted chicken is a lot easier than you think. Just buy air dried organic chicken and treat it in a simple manner.

Rosemary salt recipe- Blend for 1 minute
7 sprigs of rosemary stripped
4 sprigs sage stripped
1/2 cup+2tbsp kosher salt
2 cloves garlic
1/2 lemon zest





  • I just want you to know I made steak for my 4 and 7 year old boys tonight and they were just loving it and “mmmmm” and “it’s so juicy” and the next thing I know they are up out of their chairs and beating up our fridge.

    You’re definitely loved in our household. Keep on keepin on my man.

    Joshua Christiansen 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • Need more seasoning

    David Pledger 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • i love how you always fuck up the fridge after lol

    Joshua Gonzalez 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • You know I love you, and I'm out. Truly.

    Theresa Henderson 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • 😄 🤣 He has made my day

    diona darden 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • slow cook instead, low heat 80.c for 2 hours, take our and rest for 20min and under grill setting and brown the skin ….

    kim jensen 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • 🤣

    Ryan White 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • So many people overcook a roasted chicken. Cooked properly at room temperature for approx 55 mins, stuffed with herbs under the skin, there are few things more delicious and tender.

    Ali Hughes 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • A raw whole chicken is almost $5 more expensive than a ready to go cooked instore one in my area. Pay $5 more for similar flavor and all the prep/cooking. Just head down to costco lol

    Haman Sing 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • Yummy

    teethetrucker truckdriver 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • Lemon is a great stuffing but feel like you missed an opportunity not squeezing it over the breasts and into the cavity

    Drew Bakka 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • I've never disliked any of your videos, but this one was the exception. You didn't brine or even season under the skin. That chicken taste like any other chicken with unseasoned meat

    Dr Smoke BBQ 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • Needs pepper too makes it a lot better

    Orion Waight 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • Viewers to the fridge: You in danger, girl!

    Jean Bush 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • With all do respect love your videos but I think that you can ad just little bit more seasoning other than that it look good

    Abilio V Cordero 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • “”IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW MY BRUTHA”!!!!! 🤣👍🤣👍🤣🤣👍🤣👍🤣👍🤣

    Joe Blow 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • If the the fridge could talk. “ MAN YOU PLAY TO MUch! I was JUST MINDING MY BUSINESS MAKING icE! Quit playing! 😂

    MissSupernova 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • Cook book bro?

    John Brown 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • Looks yummy! Sometimes I make a mixture of herbs and olive oil and put between the skin and meat. Dry and rub with a bit of oil and sprinkle with s&p. Also quite tasty. So many ways to prepare chicken.

    Angel Bulldog4 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • If you know you know, Sergeant Gilbert, Killing the fridge,etc,etc… What a classic!!!!!

    no voice 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • Put it on rotisserie setting in an air fryer. Perfect chicken.

    A Little Of Everything 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • The oyster is the best part of a roasted chicken.

    Shawn Wales 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • most retarded behavior/presentation.

    Martin H 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • Tell me chat it ingredients it's delicious 👍

    Vijju6 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • Did you flip sides of chicken while baking?

    iNSiA Syed 19/10/2022 pm8:20
  • I'm so glad he didn't spank it

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  • 😍

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  • I wish you had your own cooking channel, you would rock it

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  • Here's how I do it

    carpet fire 19/10/2022 pm8:20