This Meatball Sandwich has 81g of Protein

Meal prep should not only be easy, but delicious. Using protein baguettes we will make a meatball sandwich that is completely made from scratch and chances are will be better than any meatball sandwich you have ever had. This sandwich has over 80 grams of protein and will fill up even the most hungry of people.

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    This is close to, if not, THE most delicious recipe I have made to date. More baguette recipes that take 15 minutes or less coming soon.

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    Homemade Marinara
    10g Avocado Oil (or oil of choice)
    135g Onions
    15g Garlic
    66g Tomato Paste
    1 Can San Marzano tomatoes
    3g Chopped Parsley
    1g Dried Oregano
    1g Chili Flake
    Salt + Swerve to taste

    Meatballs (Makes 12)
    250g Fat Free Milk
    104g White Bread
    1 Large Egg
    63g Parmigiano Reggiano
    15g Parsley
    15g Garlic
    18g Salt
    3g Black Pepper
    1g Crushed Red Pepper
    15g Lemon Juice
    96/4 Ground Beef
    90/10 Ground Pork

    Exercise4CheatMeals 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • What’s the best substitute for pork. Since I am allergic and can’t have pork 🙁

    Shadesh Baijnath 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • I bought a bread maker for your bread recipe.

    Joesph Joesphson 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • Man this channel has come a long way since the old protein ice cream days – insane quality 👏🏼

    Ash May PT 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • Instead of reg garlic use roasted garlic

    Jonathan rivera 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • Wooooooow man! I just made this recipe and holy cow it was amazing. Literally eating it right now as I write this. Couldn’t find ground pork so subbed it with 90/10 bison. Thanks so much for this recipe. Gonna be in the regular rotation

    Ted Vu 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • Amazing. Very intimidated by homemade bread but I’ll try it one day

    Cody Lowe 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • I’ve gone to like 3 different stores to find ground pork… and 90/10 at that and can’t find it. Closest I found was 80/20 fml

    danielle m 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • He at it again!

    Clayton Andrews 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • How many uh balls does Ethan like between his buns Nick? Just Curious

    Doug Heffernan 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • Where’s Doug hefferman? I’m assuming he had a cardiac arrest from being a fatass. Meatball sub though!

    RonBurgandy 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • Just had a meatball sub tonight what a coincidence

    Stanford Chen 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • Do you think the meatballs could be easily transformed to meatloaf?

    tony7682 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • Okay I’m listening….👀

    Vaguely Gloomy 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • Highly recommend pan searing each meatball on all sides really developing flavor then letting them cook the rest of the way in the sauce, I use a crockpot for that. Overall great recipes and keep up the awesome vids!

    Matt Stone 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • Omg I can finally have my favorite subway sandwich! Or turn it into a meatball marinara wrap!

    Koltin 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • I think these meatballs would be great with pasta

    Elem air 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • I BEG you to make an Italian BMT recipe

    Elem air 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • I miss the old long ass videos from you, but I guess the faster pace is better for the algo

    Would love a lasagne recipe!

    Paladin Danse 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • They have HEB products in Chicago?

    OnTheEdgex23 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • Going to try this one this weekend. Lots of HEB stuff being used….must be spending some time in Texas.

    Khow2708 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • U should try Redmond's real sat

    K C 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • 7:55 Cream’s balls decided they wanna steal the show 😂

    WoahNellie 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • Damnnn lying to me bout ingredients now. I see how it is

    WoahNellie 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • I’ve never seen finer balls of meat

    WoahNellie 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • Man This is what i needed!

    Andrew Park 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • I'm starting my cut ✂️ in a week

    REPPIN TIME FITNESS 24/10/2022 am3:43
  • ⛸️ 🍧 🏒

    REPPIN TIME FITNESS 24/10/2022 am3:43
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