This Is How McDonald's Perfect French Fries Are Actually Made

There are times when all we want to order at McDonald’s are some golden, crunchy, and delicious French fries. There is something about McDonald’s fries that keeps us coming back for more.

Whether you’ve had a fun night at the club with friends and are in serious need of some salt replenishment, or it’s a warm summer day and you just want to dip some McDonald’s fries into a McFlurry, there’s no bad time to order them.

What’s the secret in the making of these addictive fries? Let’s take a look at how McDonald’s perfect French fries are actually made.

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Real potatoes | 0:00
Cut into that famous shape | 0:58
A chemical bath | 1:49
Fried and frozen | 2:31
Don’t forget about the flavoring | 3:01
Fried again in the store | 3:44
A very specific bit of salt | 4:22
7-minute rule | 5:04

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  • What are you favorite condiments for fries?

    Mashed 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • – Drools –

    HectorTheMagnifesent 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • Nice voice of narration.real woman.

    teleespantoso 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • don't call them fries,please

    Maestro Stefano Petrini 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • Julia Childs stopped eating their 🍟 fries when they stopped cooking in animal fat.

    She scoffed at the food police.

    Michael Henault 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • I doubt their fries are cut from full potatoes, they are way different than real fries, or that’s probably from all the added chemicals they turned healthy yellow nutritious fry and turned it into an anemic soft weakling

    Mike Water 23/10/2022 pm6:23
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    Mathias Dahmen 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • Until McDonalds goes back to using a Crisco and beef tallow combination to fry their fries they will NEVER regain the glorious fries that made them famous. Seed oils, it turns out, are more damaging than the original recipe they used.

    If they aren't careful somebody will steal their glory and reintroduce their fries. The recipe is out there.

    Ontheroxxwithsalt 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • Also chocolate sundae and french fries are a perfect match. Something Americans won't understand. – Filipino Kids

    Sopasboyz 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • They fries so good

    Demario Smiley 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • The fries were the best in the 50's and 60's when they were fried in pure beef tallow. The introduction of poisonous unhealthy hydrogenated oils is what is killing people today. McDonald's should go back to using beef tallow as it is much healthier than hydrogenated oils. The brainwashing by the government with the money from the Oil industry is why most people have no idea what is healthiest oil to eat. Cannola oil is hydrogenated and it is used to make margarine which is one molecule shy of being plastic. That's right folks your govt sold you out so you can die young while they get rich…

    Andy Tachibana lover 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • Am I the only person who thinks McDonalds fries suck? I mean…if they are perfectly fresh and you eat them right there in the restaurant, they are tasty. I still think they are skinny and don't have much flesh in them…and this is at their best. But, if they start getting cold, they go downhill fast. Within 20 minutes, the ends are hard, sharp, and unpleasantly crunchy. The outside turns into gummy, limp, oily skin and the inside becomes this grainy, mealy, waxy, mush. After about 30-40 minutes, they are harder to chew through, plastic-like, desiccated, and really indigestible. It's amazing to me that people like them and that other fast food places try to copy them. I only wish that I could get something else as a side dish that is harder to screw up, like onion rings or tater tots.

    Shyam Devadas 23/10/2022 pm6:23
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    Deanna Spencer 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • Actually, I like Burger Kings fries better.

    e.j. johnson 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • Please Lower The price of all Brands of Military Equipment and Local for All Brands of McDonald's French Fries,& all Fast Food Items Now,That's Too Much $$ ,900,000% The Whole World 900,000 Now, 🙏 🤲 🕍

    Deanna Spencer 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • I used to give my but the finger check when it felt wet. If it was dry, I'd grab those fries. If it was wet, I'd use a paper towel or tissue to clean the brown then grab those fries.

    Tyler Horn 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • McDonald's food is some of the worst on the planet. It's been years, but the last time I ate McDonald's fries, my mouth and lips were numb for about twenty minutes. Yes, I mean numb, like anesthetic numb. It was a little scary and I never went back.

    Airdriver1 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • Poor Vegans always on the bottom of importance

    Beautiful Tragedy 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • Hey hey hey there's nothing wrong with GMO potatoes, or other vegetables. Don't fear monger and research

    BangDroid ✪ 23/10/2022 pm6:23
  • How much is McDonalds paying you? Oh whats the point; you will delete this comment

    A Serious Salamander 23/10/2022 pm6:23