This EASY Egyptian dessert changed my dessert game forever

I’m working with @Oatly to see if their plant-based Oat Drink will swap for the dairy products I would normally use.
Check out more amazing recipes from Oatly’s Will it swap challenge on this playlist:

Today I’m going to be making Om Ali, an amazing Egyptian pudding made with pastry. But there’s a twist, we’ll make it both with Dairy and Oatly’s Plant-based products to see if it will still work.

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0:00 What is Om Ali
0:15 Todays Plant Based Experiment
0:41 The anatomy of Om Ali
0:49 Prepping your pastry
1:28 The many ways to customise Om Ali
2:14 Making the Om Ali Liquid – Dairy
2:30 Making the Om Ali Liquid – Plant Based
3:09 Assembly and baking
4:19 Did the Plant Based swap work?

Ingredients (Makes 2 large portions or 1 family size serving):
450g Croissants or 400g Palmiers
500 ml Whole Milk or Barista Oat Drink
250ml Extra thick cream or Whippable Oat
60g Brown sugar
60g White sugar

Desiccated Coconut



  • Love all your content! A mombar recipe would be great, though I know its not for everyone… As for milk substitute dishes, maybe roz bel laban? Labneh if you're feeling ambitious

    SendThemRunning 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • im curious to see the traditional pastry from scratch if ur ever curious and have the energy :0

    Margot Psorn 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • I've always made it with puff pastry, there are vegan puff pastry options too. Where's the rose water tho? It's not the same without it 😢

    Parteh Kitteh 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • I know making oat milk yourself doesn't get you paid, Obi, and well done for getting sponsored: you deserve it! But I never buy oat milk because I discovered this little cheat when I'd run out of milk after the shops had closed:
    I took a cup of normal porridge oats and mixed them with water. I then left them soaking for a while before pouring the resulting liquid through a strainer. Tadah! Oat milk that tasted just like the bought variety.
    You'd have to try it yourself to work out how much water you wanted to put in it, as I just use guesswork, but you don't have to make a cloggy paste: the oats should have plenty of room to float around. And the bonus is that the oats are still useable to make porridge, so long as you make it soon after making the oat milk. I suppose you could dry the oats out again if you wanted them for something else.

    дاע 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Great idea using croissant I will try it

    Fabdelmeguid 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • I made this bread pudding recently and added a bit of rose water and orange blossom water. It was delicious.

    Ekta 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Is it wrong that at first I was confused as to what a “desert game” is?

    JamesJasonAllen 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • I'm taking EVERTHING topping 😀 Awesome

    Love Bean 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Croissant pastry has plenty of dairy in it – so not really a plant-based recipe.

    Kev Muso 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • This looks amazing! Very similar to the Indian / Pakistani Shahi Tukda (translates to Royal Piece/Bites)

    Binish Hassan 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • I'd be super curious to measure up the macros of the Oatly version vs dairy. If there's a "healthy" bread pudding out there that would be amazing.

    Alex 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Oh my days I'm so happy you're making sweets!!! This is like a bread and butter pudding and I'm sure it's way better!! Basbousa and baklava are my no.1 favourite sweets ever… rhen a chocolate sumatsumat Forever your shows… (halva) Shukran!!!

    Yasmine Abdulwadood 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • I love bread pudding! This one looks fabulous and super delicious.

    Hollis H 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • I hope your next Egyptian dessert would be سد الحنك

    Holistic Gay Life 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Please add the name om ali In the title as well

    Holistic Gay Life 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • those oMAlys look good

    Jody Hightower 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • I love Om Ali covered with nuts

    Toreador 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • The story behind this dessert is quite dark

    Sa'ad Ghannam 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Thank you for this! Most Middle Eastern desserts (and desserts in general) are tough for me because I’m super lactose intolerant, but this is inspiring me to try and cook my own anyways. Looks delicious as always

    Alexander Ivans 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Good content, thanks Obi and Salma. I only wish that you take your time explaining the recipe and its background, and not follow youtube's wish to make videos less than 5 minutes. Seriously we wait your videos impatiently.

    mohecc 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • This looks fantastic! On the standard bread pudding front if you use hearty breads to make the bread pudding you will end up with a pudding that is not mushy at all. I don't like really mushy bread pudding either but a hearty one is one of my absolute favorites.

    Cookin' With Squirrl 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Almond and coconut work better than pistachio

    AA 93 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Looks great, I might experiment with a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg for a Christmas dessert. Very happy for you for the sponsorship of a big brand!

    Krause minze 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Good to know! I've honestly been avoiding a lot of the very milky based recipes here, but I'll try them with a substitute instead.

    decemberclouds 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Well this looks insanely delicious

    Liam Tahaney 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • I’m thrilled you would even try the plant base options. Great vid! Thanks for sharing.

    tall treesinc 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Croissants are toooooo rich for this dessert! I use vegan unsalted matzo crackers, almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, mastic. Should try it, it’s way lighter, healthier and taste really good

    Nabil !! 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Excellent!! Thanks for the non-dairy inspiration!

    Lisa Boban 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Looks delicious 😋

    odette marillier1 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Bringing back my dad one recipe at a time. Thank you Obi! Thank you so, so much.

    I'm a croissant fiend so I'm going to have to battle myself not to eat the whole box when I buy them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Also, do you have any suggestions for subs for clotted cream. I don't think I've ever seen that in my local grocery stores.

    Sara Uniya 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Cutting up those gorgeous croissants was killing me😫 they looked perfect. Mmm buttery croissant, a piece of dark chocolate and a cup of coffee: perfect dessert right there. 🤤

    Wrongway Conway 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Thank you for telling me about the creamy oat milk . Now I can have whipped cream again.😊

    Brenda Owens 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Thank you for including a plant based version! (Although croissants contain butter, but still 🙏)

    nozee77 24/10/2022 pm5:37
  • Croissants aren’t usually plant-based, so the veggie version may not be totally veggie.

    April Jones 24/10/2022 pm5:37