These 15 Minute Air Fryer Recipes Will Change Your Life

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00:00 – Intro
02:04 – Orange “Chicken” & Veggies
09:06 – Steak And Mushroom Sandwich
13:40 – Fish Tacos with Roasted Salsa
18:37 – Mystery Leftover Special

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  • Never wash your rice!!!

    Marco Palazzo 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • I'm getting caught up on this channel — but man I can't afford the pans. Is there something more affordable for the home cook — I don't have $550 for a Dutch oven — not in the budget — any thoughts?

    Carla Shelby 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • Fork biter

    Krabrangoonies 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • Hi, can I use your link for 15% off in uk 🇬🇧?

    Rafal Oboda 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • So how did you actually train your dragon 🤔

    Irfan Haleem 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • Never use aerosol spray cans in your air fryer. The aerosol cans have harsh agents that just don't mesh with the coating on most baskets. It's best to invest in a good quality oil mister or bottle.

    TnT Rides 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • The most mindblowing thing in this video is realising I can wash my rice with a sieve

    Rue Brownies 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • I love your recipes but your voice over is so frantic with no pauses it makes me feel anxious and panicky. Please stop it. I have to watch with no sound on.

    skullstuff52 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • My mouth is literally watering lol! I can’t wait to make this for my husband. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Audi West 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • The best commercial ever. I was eating great dinner watching that, and yet i wanted to try it 🙂 Also i bought air fryer – thanks 🙂

    ScOOrK 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T TOSS THE CORN STARCH INTO THE HOT PAN!! You will get chunky bois for days. Make the sauce on the side in a bowl, THEN toss it in a pan and heat it up. Muuuuch easier and no chonky starch bois.

    Forest Baker 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • these foods no real taste

    mhnas xanthopoulos 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • Really great information. Just last week my first-ever air fryer — a Cosori, no less — was delivered; I bought it not knowing a thing about air fryers. I just read Amazon reviews and picked the small size because I'm cooking only for myself. I have LOVED the ribeye, the salmon, the Brussels sprouts, the green beans & summer squash that I've made and am looking for new and creative ways to use it. Thank you for all of these fantastic creative experiments! I'm on a keto diet so a lot of what you're doing I won't be able to duplicate exactly, but I can always "keto" a recipe.

    Susan Bame 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • I find the written recipe

    Melody Acevedo 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • Man we don’t like your kitchen in this house as much as we did the old house. It was much warmer than this thing. It looks like the kitchen in the hospital.

    Ken Shipley 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • What are you doing with the audio? You’re talking on top of yourself it sounds dumb.

    Ken Shipley 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • Thanks for showing the tofu in the air fryer! But I never thought of cooking it together with the vegetables. Thank you so much

    Judy's Bakery and Test Kitchen 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • I knew air fryers were good but now I really need one. Super late to the party lol

    Gustavo Lasanta 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • @16:59 you mention removing the seeds from the jalapenos yet it's still spicy. Really? You have a cooking channel and you don't know that the heat doesn't come from the seeds of a pepper, but rather from the ribs? Pepper seeds don't contain capsaicin. Also, you are using a propellant-based oil sprayer, and everything I've read about air fryers says not to. Other than those two mistakes, your recipes seem ok.

    Shep Shape 25/10/2022 pm5:49
  • The look on my face as I watched you sprinkle the corn starch straight into your mixture was priceless.

    Susan Russell 25/10/2022 pm5:49