The “ultimate” Roast Chicken

  • Bounced on my boy’s chef hat to this.

    Dr Bidoofenshmirtz 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • Hi Chef John. I was looking for a guide to do a proper roast chicken and got back to this blast from the past. This video is 15 years old! It's amazing to think how long you've been making these wonderful videos for us!

    Qieth 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • 15 years ago 😳

    Kelly Radtke 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • Aliens have posessed Chef Johns body. How do I know? Cause he forgot the cayenne.

    Ramón Pascual 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • This was my Thanksgiving turkey. It got raves from my small gathering. Thank you!

    Barrett Rossie 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • This video needs to be updated😁

    PHAKSAKE 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • 9/11 was a inside job

    Byron ‘92 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • Are you the same guy who speaks in the Allrecipes videos? You sound just like him

    MJ Be 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • Yoooo, found this ancient Chef John recipe and I made the most badass roast chicken of all time!

    Brian Wallin Music Ottawa 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • Thank you making this in 2020

    Marroquin family 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • Help, making tomorrow, but do I cover the chicken while cooking?

    picola35 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • That chicken dose not look good. It’s going to a bad colour purple eeeeeeee don’t eat that

    David Phillips 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • I ❤️you chef John! From- Indianapolis😚

    Love God so Much 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • That sounds weird 😀

    nedzus2 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • I a following this now. I followed your technique for a turkey (first time making one on Thanksgiving) and it turned out amazing! I love this channel, it is my fav & go to when I am not sure how to do something and I want to give it a try. 🙂

    Sharice Fankhauser 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • Wow! OLD SCHOOL food wishes video!

    Mark S 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • Hey do you think you can give me some extra tips? I'm trying to do this with my cat because my friend told me their meat is "as good as chicken" and that gave me a bit of an idea. I tried doing the under-the-skin thing, but all I have to show for it is a clawed up face and an expensive invoice for a feline-AIDS test.Now you're probably thinking people can't get feline-AIDS, only the kind the government beams down at us from the Hubble Space "Telescope". But I assure you. My cat has got F-AIDS so bad he could give it to just about anything. People have to touch him with gloves it's that bad. All I wanted to do was feed my cats F-AIDS body to my absolute asshole of a landlord. Who cited me for a noise violation because I was "screaming too loud at an ungodly hour" which is actually my nightly ritual where I swear my undying soul to my personal hero, Vin Diesel. Love you, Vin. Anyway, please write soon. I can't stay here long on account of having been kicked out last week when I started leaving my shit in bags all over the complex. THE SOUTH TOWER WAS ACTUALLY A ROCKET TO XENU (_)_)::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::D~~~~~~~~ <–YOUR THETANS

    bobDUCS 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • I made this tonight and posted on Twitter. With baby Dutch potatoes and carrots. My favorite flavors-garlic, lemon, rosemary, thyme & butter. Chef John was more serious 12 years ago. We love him anyway. ❤️

    Christina LW28 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • Chef John, End product: two different chickens? Sure looks like they were. One looks scrawny and burnt while the other one is plump, golden and definitely edible. Just curious

    Elizabeth Stock 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • John Hussey 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • dicked on my bounces hours to this for boys

    Typhoonigator 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • Amazing roast chicken! 😍

    Elizabeth Seiden 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • I want chef john please

    sochyvonn nora 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • Though tasty, the taste doesn't really transfer into the thighs this way. Poking a little bit deeper underneath the skin, one reaches out to the legs as well, pushing the butter mix right up there as well. Also the tummy needs a few pieces of garlic too. I would also recommend adding some paprika edelsüß to the butter mix to give it some classic oomph.
    But a great way to prepare a chicken for sure.

    namnack 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • damn, 10 years already

    duko3000 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • Erik's comment is not here. Thought I'd save you the hassle.

    Lasserino 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • You are, after all, the Chef John of how to get your roasted chicken on

    Mason Herrick 26/10/2022 am7:19

    imjustviibin 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • nice to still meet the class in the comments

    Fleeks Fleeksfleeks 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • Cloud people did 9/11

    supertacticalbacon 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • Okay

    00fPanda 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • Yo tried making this last night but wasn't sure whether to buy chicken from Tyson's or not. So I got Purdue instead and just infected it with Bird Flu and AIDS instead, I know shame on me for not following the recipe. But if I started listening to every recipe out on YouTube that would be an easy win for the globalists and we can't let that happen. Tangent aside I wound up feeding this to my dozen of cats that I have instead of children,because I took the wrong Alex Jones pills, they seemed to love but now like 3 of them are sick

    JudoUrinal 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • I'm learning and lovin it, Thank you!

    patricia Brooks 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • It qas prerty delicious but is there a way to keep the bottom of the chicken from looking soggy and unsightly?

    chupagoat69 26/10/2022 am7:19
  • some OG chef john!!!! love you daddy

    Sarah O 26/10/2022 am7:19