The Ultimate Roast Chicken • ChefSteps
ChefSteps ultimate roast chicken yields a chicken with glassy and crispy skin but also tender and extremely juicy flesh.

If you have a non convection/lower temp oven, plan for the searing step to take longer. Pull the bird once the skin is golden and crispy!

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  • Greetings from Berlin Germany. Recipe is simple and through this "ULTIMATE"!
    Question: Why didn't you brine the whole bird? Why did you inject the brine?
    Whats the advantage?
    Thank you very much for the excellent video, Luis.

    IDrop Calisthenic 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Who has a hanging oven at home?

    Jordan Chandler 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Girlfriend: Where DID you learn to do THAT!?
    Me: 0:13

    You are soul 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Just stick it in the oven ffs 🤦‍♂️

    Sam Jones 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • I take reference from this recipe and successfully duplicated it at home!
    1. Day 1 – dry brine the chicken with salt only overnight in the fridge without covering it, only rub the salt on the skin evenly on the chicken.
    2. Day 2 – use water to wash out the salt from the chicken (prevent it from over brined), then pad dry the water on the chicken by paper towel, and then place the chicken on a rack without covering it in the fridge for 2 days to dry the skin.
    3. Day 4 – Roast the chicken on a rack at 180C for 30 mins, then turn the temp. to 230C for another 30mins, done!
    The chicken results were very crispy and juicy!

    Vin Mark 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • This recipe sux…. As if we have oven like yours..

    Ben Studio 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • dude manically crunching the chicken skin to show off it's crispiness lives in my head rent free

    David D 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Only salt injection?

    Gung sincan 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Greetings from Berlin Germany. Recipe is simple and through this "ULTIMATE"!
    Question: Why didn't you brine the whole bird? Why did you inject the brine?
    Whats the advantage?
    Thank you very much for the excellent video, Luis.

    IDrop Calisthenic 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Do I need to grow a hipster mustache too?

    My Corona 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • I forgot how sciencey and technique forward this initial Chefsteps videos were! I kinda miss them

    tacodias 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • I feel like 180°c for 1 hour 30 mins plus occasional spray of the marinate will do that trick as well..the injection as well, ofc.

    NateL 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Not practical at all.

    majedul hayat 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Well, sure for a restaurant to hang the chicken in an oven is fine and an everyday task, but for us common people… how would you recommend to us how to roast a chicken in a conventional oven, PLEASE? ;P

    Pieter 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Roast chicken over roast duck any day

    sicboi 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Thanks. Can we cook a duck with this method?

    sehsuvar adil 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Best roast chicken I have ever seen

    Chihim Chan 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • So i must buy the EXPENSIVE oven first .

    Pouria Azizi 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Thomas keller also has the exact same recipe on his masterclass.

    Thekiddocook 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Shazam says. “Show me how” by Sean Blanc.
    Actual Music sounds nothing like this.

    Andrew Last 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • 2:26 chicken or cake?

    Nipur 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • 4days??? I air dry mine overnight and they do the same thing. #overkill.

    StormLaker1975 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • 500-550 f is the limit for most ovens at home.

    Joseph Liang 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • What a load of crap, just bang it in the oven and eat it when it's ready

    dave powell 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • 560•F my oven only reaches 500.

    Chris Manzano 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Lost me at 3 days

    Lit Hype 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • What’s the cooking time approx for the 170F pre sear? Assuming normal 4lb bird? I know it varies based on factors but just looking for approx to plan accordingly

    Junaid Qureshi 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • All i see is gently swaying chicken

    T. Von D. 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Mario eating his chicken

    Alfa Romeo 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Overrated

    e a 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Big deal just do it the chinese way

    e a 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Perfection

    FD30 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • I will try this method, because Heston does the same as well, cook at 60C, then rest for 1 hr, than blast it with hottest temp for 10 mins.

    Jay John 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • So literally no seasoning at all?

    katherine7444 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • I have said it before n I will say it a 100 times white people don't season their meat and thats stupid

    T Rex 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • always hungry, lol

    9 words 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍👌

    Thushani Rathnayake 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Somethings a little off about everyone at ChefSteps.

    Stevie van Hendrix 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • Hmmm industrial oven that no one has, blatantly ignoring food safety and only cooking to 144. Maybe rethink this

    pp 23/10/2022 am6:42
  • mom: how's it taste its 4days preparation method
    son: taste like 1hr of roasting

    short videos 23/10/2022 am6:42