The Taco Master of East LA | Street Food Icons

Based in the neighborhood of Boyle Heights in Los Angeles, people come far and wide for the tacos at family-owned Carnitas El Momo, and its beloved owner, El Momo.

The carnitas are made from pork which confit in pork lard and are made up of pork butt, stomach, and skins. These loaded tacos, topped with grilled onions and pickled vegetables, are a labor of love from El Momo, who learned how to butcher and prepare pigs in Mexico from his father before he immigrated to the United States to work as a welder. After sustaining a work injury, El Momo went back to his culinary roots and started making carnitas full time in East LA. Today, with help from son Billy, El Momo’s has won taco contests with dishes like migajas (burnt ends) tacos, and mulitas (similar to a quesadilla). El Momo’s legacy has no end in sight, and the family works hard to provide positivity and refuge for the community it serves.

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  • Las mejores carnitas !

    Leo Ramírez 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • The part about his dad had me choked up a bit and I'm a pretty stoic person. This is a passion project that's been passed down for generations and will continue to be

    Sour Skittles 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • May the universe bless you and your family and friends till yall cups run over. 👊🏿🙏🏿

    Terry Shears 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • God bless that family. Til the wheels fall off….

    hclvchef 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • ❤❤

    Abir Mef 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • Cooking pork with lard? Not good for cholesterol

    Ana Lovejoy 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • Expensive af

    Here in México tacos are cheap and good

    A Random Stormtrooper 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • Love it hope they continue and doing it right

    Mario Mosin 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • Suerte en todo hope to try them someday.

    M Sauceda 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • Grown-ass man here. Had to pause when the dad started tearing up; wasn't ready for that kind of emotion. Bless that family

    Crash Test Dolphin 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • From the whitest protestant American you will ever find…. Conservative
    Mexican 🌮 food is my absolute favorite 🇲🇽…
    Food and politics don't mix… point is… Keep serving the people and make the world 🌎 smile.

    Bill Mason 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • protect this family at all costs

    K -Ray 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • It’s so sad that food truck workers don’t get the respect hey serve. I want to see an American doing this. All food tucks deserve a pat on the back!!!!

    Rejane Serao 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • God bless you and your family my brother. Your jefitos are beautiful people. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the family business. May Our Father in heaven continue to bless all those in your circle of life. Amen!!

    Mike Cabrera 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • In my opinion family and tacos are like number one and number two the only things that matter thank you

    Jason Green 21/10/2022 am4:11

    Joe Ronquillo 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • Siento un orgullo tremendo por este señor🥲ni siquiera lo conozco y veo todo lo que ha hecho y siento su orgullo.🥲🤞🏻

    Josef N. Cerdas 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • 🌺

    Kiri Crocker 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • The old man is old school he is right don’t work hard you can’t move forward just like my parents always said 👍up for you family

    Fernando Murillo 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • Hard working peoples…

    marko ferr 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • All those years in the US. Can't speak English?

    Danny Ruckert 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • Real hard working people with a big heart and a small ego. Respect

    Vlasis 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • reminds me of my childhood when we lived in mostly mexican neighborhoods, i miss it.

    Silver Wolverine 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • This is the definition of the True American Dream! Much love from Dallas, Tx Keep growing and keep pushing fam! Viva la Raza🙌

    Trash and Go, LLC 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • beautiful tacos
    beautiful family

    Daniel Oliveira 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • I wish I could travel and just eat alllll the foods. Support all the small food trucks and family businesses….food brings people together. The fact they serve people who don’t have money and are hungry……wish everyone was like this in the world, it would go ‘round alot better!! God bless this family ❤️

    Carlie Mcarthur 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • They just opened their restaurant down the street from my house. And honestly… this is seriously as good as they say it is. There's really nothing like this that I've tried in my entire life of living in LA. So glad that I can get this anytime I want now

    Charles Kim 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • I just love the love they have for each other and for others❤

    AngelNicole513 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • orale carnal… love this love, dedication, respect and humbleness in this video. I pray to Jehovah for many more years of success and life.

    OmazingE30 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • Why don’t you guys get a loan, get workers and spread out?

    Alan G. 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • sick video, momo is a g

    Talking FIghts 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • im definitely taking a trip down there for those

    JuicyyMeloons 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • Never had a decent taco in l.a. All these fakesixans.

    Daniel P 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • I’m Colombian.Parcero,can I have my taste buds back.yummy yummy.Did I just see dip ur hand in the rolling lard.😱

    Romeo 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • Bruh you use peppers from a can?
    That’s super low tier lol

    F.UGL.Y 1 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • Tijuana still has better tacos and sonora has em even better

    CaliKid AG 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • Omg the best of the best. All I have to say… It's on you to indulge the mixed of delicious flavors and spices put together with pinch of family love. Worthy drive. Blessings

    Jonel Hernandez 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • That's my mf people remind me so much of my parents. Very humble af

    Jose Favela 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • I wish you and your family wealth and health God Bless

    Haufease Vaughn 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • They have them on Netflix Good taco series

    Kevin Guevara 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • So beautiful to see them also recognized in the series STREET FOOD USA on Netflix

    Mario Perez 21/10/2022 am4:11
  • 2:32 but they do put dandruff.🤪😂 "PURO SABOR DE MEXICO GUËY!

    Just 21/10/2022 am4:11