The Real New Yorker’s Sandwich

Forget your street cart hot dogs and deli pastrami, the *real* New Yorker’s sandwich is the chopped cheese, a beautiful conglomeration of chopped ground beef, melted cheese and secret seasoning, all served on a hero or a roll. The birthplace of the chopped cheese is Hajji’s Deli in Harlem, where Salah has been managing the joint for the past 15 years. Inspired by an Arabic dish, the chopped cheese has now become a New York staple, with fans in everyone from Jay-Z to Cam’ron.


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  • So basically a HAMBURGER with different 🍞 lol 😂😂😂 man NY step it up

    LA_GALLADA_RUIZ 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • Yummy and cool to see a glimpse of NYC without ever being there

    DJ Rondo 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • 11 million viewers?! 😮

    Risbo Turbide 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • Man sounds like mourniho

    Mohammad Jalal 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • i'm mad this was a hidden gem for most new yorkers back in the day in other boro's… i'm born and raised in nyc, back pack walkman traveler on the bus train, A,C,F,E 6, 5 etc… all boros except staten island and not until I moved down south to GA years later have i ever heard of this sandwich…. This was a harlem hidden gem for years because i don't ever remember no brooklyn or bronx bodegas having this sandwich.

    TheKendub718 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • Naaaa the best chopped cheese is in Brooklyn in sunset park

    Mike Gio 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • Bacon Egg And Cheese In The Ockyy Way

    Legend031 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • You didn’t invent chop cheese, I don’t know who did, but my grandparents had a restaurant in western New York in the 50s and they did chop cheese so sorry

    Ken PA 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • Does NYC still have paid restrooms..😳
    Maybe they use a credit card now. 😀

    David from America 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • Bet he raised prices after this video came out.

    mwells219 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • I live a few blocks from this place. Great stuff.

    Junior Soprano 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • Most New Yorkers had to learn about this sandwich the hard way and nobody wanna say it lol

    Hussle Westbrook 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • Lemme get that chopped cheese the Ocky way

    Synful Soles 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • this is an iowa made rite burger too, same shit, nobody's unique

    pca9 17/10/2022 am1:10
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    Guest 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • Wonder how much it cost now lmao

    yodanny 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • So it's a hamburger, but with the meat chopped up, on a hoogey bun. Got it.

    Zachary Smith 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • What’s the sauce?

    Jamie Dettanikkeaze 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • I’m from new york and i’ve never heard of chopped cheese

    stupid channel 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • Yesssiiiiiir

    Chopped Cheese Enthusiast 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • chopped cheese hits different

    Volkantic 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • The man still having good prices even after inflation, respect. I stop by twice a week, and the damn line got longer after this video

    Anonymous 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • He said chopped cheese is 3.75 but their is shows 4$ no im good I don’t like when they lie in nyc they make YouTube videos and when u get their it’s a different price it’s a no for me I’ll buy that for 3$ or 3.75

    betta depps 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • I got to go and try this.

    ♡SARAH♡ 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • I tries making a chop cheese and it didn't come out that good I should of took my time with ingredients and decently better then patty it's like toco sandwich

    Eric Lakota 17/10/2022 am1:10
  • I recently tried their chopped cheese here on vacation, I can tell you this place is excellent from the crunchy bread, flavorful meat, and the gooey as hell cheese, Hajjis is a must have!

    Woobharb 17/10/2022 am1:10