The Raspberry Cake Recipe That Almost Broke Me | Bon Appétit

Join Shilpa Uskokovic as she makes her raspberry cake with whipped cream filling, a recipe that proved so challenging to develop she almost couldn’t finish writing it.

See the full recipe here:

Director: Maria Paz Mendez Hodes
Director of Photography: Eric Brouse
Editor: LJ D’Arpa
Host: Shilpa Uskokovic
Sr. Culinary Director: Kelly Janke
Producer: Halie Aaron
Culinary Producer: Kat Boytsova
Culinary Associate Producer: Katrina Zito
Line Producer: Jen McGinity
Associate Producer: Oadhan Lynch
Production Manager: Janine Dispensa
Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Hymes
Camera Operator: Kirsten Potts
Audio: Mike Guggino
Production Assistant: Anna Maite Bonis Kaplan
Post Production Supervisor: Andrea Farr
Post Production Coordinator: Scout Alter
Supervising Editor: Eduardo Araújo
Assistant Editor: Ben Harowitz
Audio Engineer: Jennifer Nulsen

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  • This video has such a great vibe. The music, the editing, and the calm voiceover all give it a joyful yet strangely melancholic feeling… like a studio ghibli movie or a late night on animal crossing… if that makes sense lmao

    Sassymint34 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • Woke A Holes wrecked this channel

    The Russian Bear 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • Where do I find freeze dried raspberries?

    Riya Roy Chowdhury 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • Great video, Shilpa is full of wonderful tips!

    P P. 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • I just made this cake and have to say it is incredible. Soft & light, slightly tart and sweet at the same time. My friends absolutely loved it. I got 2 handshakes. I felt like Paul Hollywood would have been proud! Instead of crumbled freeze-dried raspberries on top, I used shaved white chocolate. For the filling, I made a raspberry gel and let it set in the fridge. Layered that over the whipped cream frosting in the middle, and man-oh-man, heavenly! Thank you for figuring this all out. The best part is after eating a large slice, you don’t feel heavy or stuffed!

    pixelwarrior121 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • OMG why did you show me this, now I have to bury my face in it and I can't! 😢

    Project Gaia 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • This makes me want to bake!

    Ethan Eggleton 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • I'm sure it tastes better than I any cake I have ever eaten. But just the visual aspect of it almost brought tears to my eyes because of how pretty it is.

    Rahila Iftekhar 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • That is an amazing looking cake.

    Fajar Setiawan 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • Shilpa has an adorable lovely personality ❤

    rabbit5000 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • I feel like the recipe is fantastic, but the video is boring. I almost fell asleep.

    extrovertedthinker 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • I don't think I've ever felt so relaxed watching a baking video! I LOVE the jazz in the background. This cake looks perfect and the descriptive adjectives throughout added so much! Such a lovely video 🥰

    Emily Wynstra 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • This would have improved if you wet the cake a little bit with sugary raspberry juiced water/milk before layering the whipped cream in the center. I am not saying make it soaking wet but some wetness is necessary .

    Aylin Yaman 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • Wow Shilpa this looks amazing!! Could you make a lemon raspberry version?

    Isabelle Ong 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • The color looks so so good ,fresh raspberries+freeze raspberries and jem,wow I can feel the not too sweet cake already ,will try it for sure !

    Qianyu Chen 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • im so glad i decided to watch this! such a wonderful recipe and video!

    Peach Necctar 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • So lush! I wanna make this! Would love to try strawberry or blueberry!

    Iconology 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • Blonde DAKOTA JOHNSON ❤️❤️ where is molly?

    Satyam 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • why no vanilla bean?

    Christof Lusser 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • my mouth is watering!

    Jenn Nahrstadt 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • Gorgeous, love this style of video.

    eatwithchrissy 16/10/2022 pm10:52
  • So pretty

    Jennifer Tu 16/10/2022 pm10:52