The Pink Panther (9/12) Movie CLIP – I Would Like to Buy a Hamburger (2006) HD

The Pink Panther movie clips:

A dialect coach asks Clouseau (Steve Martin) to repeat a simple phrase.

The world’s most inept detective returns to the screen in this modern slapstick comedy. France’s come-from-behind victory in the World Cup soccer championships turns tragic when the team’s coach, Yves Gulant (Jason Statham), is murdered during a post-game celebration. Gulant’s girlfriend, pop star Xania (Beyonc

TM & © MGM (2006)
Cast: Steve Martin, Charlotte Maier
Director: Shawn Levy
Producers: Timothy J. Hamilton, Ira Shuman, Robert Simonds, Tracey Trench, Aaron Wilder
Screenwriters: Len Blum, Steve Martin, Michael Saltzman, Maurice Richlin, Blake Edwards

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  • Lol when she say too and my guy just say toi. Funny as hell

    Mathieu Leclerc 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Sir this is uhh (chuckles) a library

    Crossover bunch show 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • I wanna see the bloopers of this one scene, because there is simply no way both of them didn't go for more than one take without busting out laughing, lol

    Inderezzed 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • 뚜방뚜방

    Doll 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • This remake is a travesty. Attempting to remake a Peter Sellers masterpiece seems utterly futile, even as a starting point. The very definition of derivative, and moreover pointless when the remake is so much worse. I find it an amusing aspect of cultural elitism that mocking an accent in French or English is regarded as acceptable, where if this were being done to mock Black or Mexican culture, it would be considered abhorrent. There is a sort of racism to that, that was acceptable when the original was made, now it’s a tacky, sad anachronism. I mean would not rather watch the original?

    David Shantz 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Remember when Steve Martin was funny? I don't either.

    cecilyt006 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Anyone else still watching this in 2022??

    FoolioTheGreat 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • – to
    – tois?
    – to!
    – TOIS?!
    – too..
    – tø.
    – buy
    – bee

    Vladyslav Anufriiev 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • 😂❤😂

    La mbo 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • There’s a deleted scene that reveals that the vocal coach was so frustrated and done with this that she tied Clouseau to a lamppost in the rain and all night, he kept shouting “I WOULD LIKE TO BUY A HAMBURGER!”

    Ryan Stauffer 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Fun fact H is silent in French

    Egg Garnish Austin 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • I am going to see this movie now. First time

    ϮVl Ad 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Hambuga…..

    fat matt 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Every time, I buy a Ham burger, I actually order it like this. 😂😂

    Rory Mckernan 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Liked

    sameer atkare 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • This scene is mocking the franglish

    Aniha Katta 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • THey got the idea for this from SCTV in Canada, English for beginners, back from 1981.

    Tech Tips & Tech Stuff 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Criminales, cortaron el final de la escena. Imperdonable.

    Juan Avila 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • " I didnt say damburger! i said i would like to buy a damburger"

    Tommy Sands 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • 😂😂😂😂

    naya&Hallow💐💜 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Peak comedy

    Benjamin Galkiewicz 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Omg Steve Martin is sooo funny 💀💀

    yjalisa sonic x sora 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • This is me when I'm trying to speak French sentences into the microphone for my online French lessons.

    Z K 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Everybody complimenting this guy. The Jerk.

    murderdogg 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • This movie scene is the best moment i have ever had with my brother ❤️

    Guun Guite 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • 1:35 Me when I was a kid trying to convince my mom to buy me a hamburger.

    Mark Lurence Anunciado 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • The biggest insult in movie history. Poor Peter Sellers
    Utterly disgraceful display

    GerocK- 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • I'm impressed with her composure this whole time. They probably had to use "A" and "B" shots since an ordinary human can't keep from bursting into laughter

    Dax Bradley 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • This scene cracked me up when I first saw it in the theaters

    Jonathan Harris 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Ay want to bee a armboirger

    Darth McGrath 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Joey: Mi poo poo!

    January Hannah Arañas 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • "Would…"

    Master Epps Returns 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • The subtitles are absolutely killing me. Lol "Like" then immediately "LAKE".

    Malambrizzle 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • "I'm dying out here" -the crew behind the camera.

    Adil Zade 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • I am dying laughing when I see this

    AmongUsGaming420 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Hamburgers 🍔 = tamberrrgr = duberger =teberter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Tastes of nostalgia (Queen Zina) 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • 🤣

    Rep Tile 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • It never fails to make me laugh to death 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Maria Kartika 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Dies from cringe

    Victor Huertas Jr 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Oh my lol

    Deacon Keel 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • Hum ber geeeeeeeeeer 🤭😅😆😂🤣

    Johny40Se7en 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • He ain't no Peter Sellers.

    Ariel Santomauro 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • "I'm not saying dimburger, I said I would like to buy a damburger"

    Dean 21/10/2022 am12:13
  • That’s funny and it’s cracked me up

    Jake Hubbert 21/10/2022 am12:13