The Perfect Steak Sandwich Recipe in Just 10 Minutes | Gordon Ramsay

Who says you can’t make a Steak Sandwich in a flash? As voted on by you….this week on Ramsay in 10 Gordon’s going to show you how to make the most delicious Steak Sandwich complete with delicious beer battered onions, cheese and spicy mayo. Perfect for watching football at home or tailgating! And as of today Ramsay in 10 the Cookbook is now available in the UK, Australia and more (US Soon!)!

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  • Ever since I’m a fan of Gordon I got a curse that made me an idiot sandwich and the lamb sauce is no where to be found.

    ΣЯRӨЯ 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • Disgusting shite.

    Sky Wafer 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • All a bit chunky and will slide. The secret to a good steak sandwich is keeping things thinner and flavour in every bite.

    BLACKSYNTH 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • I pity the person responsible for cleaning that kitchen afterwards

    •allstopblue • 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • Pan down Oscar 😂, pan down😂

    J & B the Dream Team 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • Add two teaspoons aka a full cup of mayonnaise
    And taking a steak out of the fridge for 3 minutes does nothing

    Eric Hendley 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • I actually thought when he closed the sandwich he was gonna season the bread on top as well haha.

    jcpi 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • Please, make sure you wash hands after touching raw meat, and before touching everything else, especially bread. I'm talking from my own bad experience.

    Bojana Rajković 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • Gracias Gordo saludos desde CDMX

    HarmonicPatterns 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • Would you change anything about the recipe if using venison steaks?

    Firnen 13 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • “O M F G” by Gordon Ramsay

    EpicLegendTVNahid! 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • I'd rather order a McDonalds 10 min delivery and don't bother with all the cleaning.

    Rajendra Nadarajan 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • Ok, but at the beginning when he said the ingredients, he tapped the mayonnaise and said it was mustard 💀. So now who's the idiot sandwich LOL

    Christy Parker 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • Munching Subways whilst the chef is making one. Yummy 😋

    Rickie Moorefield 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • Steaks over cooked

    Bryan's Youtube Channel 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • Anyone else notice that when Gordon is showing the ingredients, he says Mustard twice? and the second time he says it he's pointing at the mayo?

    Alex VC 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • 5:11 when he got into the mustard jar with the same spoon as he used for the mayonaise, my heart broke and my will to life too

    What? 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • Bread should be done last, why you make this kind of mistakes I don't know? You are making a bread and salad while meat is cooling down, sometimes I wonder how on earth u make some food.

    Jeftic 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • The perfect steak sandwich : cook your steak to your preference . Next place the bread, veggies and sauce , on a separate plate and throw directly in the trash. Now enjoy yourself

    J.Robert Sergertson 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • Bro these aren't 10minutes. He forgot the prep for all ingredients takes 30

    Wtf 17/10/2022 pm3:59
  • Oscar pan the fuck down mate already

    Jake Lockley | Composer 17/10/2022 pm3:59