The Perfect Crispy French Fries

I really hope you try these one day, so you get to experience the rare pleasure of truly amazing french fries, cooked fresh in your own home! The secret tips that make all the difference:

1. Serrated knife to cut the potatoes = rougher surface = crispier
2. Blanch in vinegar water = wash away surface sugar that causes fries to burn before turning crispy (awesome tip from the legendary Kenji Lopez-Alt “The Food Lab”)
3. Double fry!

FREEZE after Fry 1 then do Fry #2 from frozen. Having a stash of frozen fries is SO GOOD!




  • Exactly what I was looking for.

    Fionnait Sradag 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • That’s why I buy frozen good quality French fries. Too much work

    c.18BC 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • I love french fries very, very much🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟

    922sunshine love299 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • great fries, looks yummy, but NOT french, sorry. Never done or seen anybody in my family do that, in 4 generations and never heard of it, ever.

    Adeline Marechal 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • I love your dog, and you always deliver great content. Excellent!

    JakesAwesomeFood ! 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • Looks awesome!! Can you please explain the frying process, What oil you use, temperature, etc? Thank you!

    John Peterson 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • Can I use this method for sweet potato fries?

    Kraft Thisile 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • Measurement of vinegar? Please

    Annie De Castro 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • Las voy a hacer hoy y te diré el resultado!! Muchas gracias por la receta y el perro muy bonito😃.
    Prueba hecha! Y quedan súper bien, tal y cómo dice, incluso congelé una parte y quedaron igual de buenas

    Ainhoa 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • Please tell me the temperatures of 1st fry and 2nd fry

    Adeel Shahid 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • Amazing. Thank you for sharing

    Ronaldo de Souza 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • Bagaimana sebaiknya jika dibuat untuk stok. Jika sewaktu-waktu ingin makan bisa sekali goreng?

    Kominfo 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • Love your recipes so simple and quick 😋

    DEE’s KITCHEN RENDEZVOUS 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • this was a perfect recipe i followed the instructions exactly and ended up with a beautiful and tasty cake thank you

    Tuyết Hân Phó 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • You are the BEST 👍

    Sheila McCormick 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • how can you make it so perfecti really love this type of videos, so quiet, so nice, everything is so relaxing, thank you so much for blessing my soul

    Scottie Ashten 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • your cooking is brilliant so relaxing and wonderful to watch i hope that one day i'll become as skilled as you, thank you for sharing with us

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  • this isnshiftaltrightbt fair i really wanna taste this youshiftaltrightbre so talented

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  • your videos are so soothing, and you have so much patience ishiftaltrightbm impressed

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  • This channel deserves more

    Sarah 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • Tout ça pour nourrir le chien 😂

    Cokoyan True 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • Tasty french fries in 5 minutes :

    Balasundaram balu 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • Nice

    Sabrina Kayum's vlog 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • These would be perfect with mussels to dip in the sauce 😋

    Terry Arrow 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • Thank you so much for your recipe, looks so good

    Cooking with Mimmo 與米莫烹飪 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • ishiftaltrightbve tried to cook it and eventually it tasted awesome

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  • This is a perfect recipe of french fries, i wanna try this, thanks for sharing 👌👍

    MJean Garcia 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • Spend 15h for a few fries or buy a pack of oven fry for 2 bucks, have nothing to do and eat in 20 mins, easy choice

    Vorador 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • We need one day to make one bunch of fry ! Wtf !!!!

    Val Vali 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • Awesome thank you 🙏🏼👍🏼💥❤️

    JT 26/10/2022 am2:22
  • Wow, 30 min cool down! Who knew? Double fry FTW! 🏆

    ro pro 26/10/2022 am2:22