The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich (2 Ways)

Homemade breakfast sandwiches are something enjoyed across the world. Everyone loves em, but there is definitely a way we could improve on every single layer that makes up this perfect breakfast food. The best part is that it’s ultra-easy!


My Burger Bun Recipe:

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  • or you can eat it from a plate so it doesnt mess up the makeup

    you smell 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • As an Englishman I'll let the Americans know how to say worcestershire sauce. It's phonetically pronounced Wuh-ster-sheer. Like the surname Wooster from the TV series Geeves and Wooster. Or just shorten it and say Wooster sauce. You're welcome. 😁

    Christian Killeen 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • you pronounced Worcestershire sauce, its wusster-shear

    0wl 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • nice choice of food I Love your recipe for your cooking.

    Luka Willems 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • Lot of people saying they won't caramellize onions in the morning. As a hungarian, I spent at least 40% of my life cutting and frying onion, so my only objection is Josh didn't use enough.

    Botond Hetyey 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • i love your videos, 100%. i myself though am a picky eater, would be nice to learn to cook good food that i will actually eat. yes i am requesting you make a picky eaters video!! please and thanks<3

    kaia young 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • Why do you talk that fast?

    The Decisions Navigator 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • I made this today (with papas burger buns) and it made my wife cry it was so good! I think she was also sad because she knows I'll probably never make it again🙃

    Daniel Murawsky 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • I do not like this person

    Shane Rich 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • Jesus is coming soon please share and repent

    Christina Wong 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • Forgive me Papa, this IS an amazing recipe, BUT I do have one critique. I made this breakfast sandwich once, but the soft scramble eggs were difficult and messy, (as you said in your video) for a proper breakfast sandwich. So I did a breakfast burrito variation, and it was PERFECT! Mostly the same recipe. Same eggs, bacon, spicy garlic mayo, but layered in a tortilla. Instead of a slice of cheddar cheese I used your Nacho cheese sauce recipe from your Quesarito video! And altered your caramelized onions, I sauteed them with green and red peppers, And Jalapeños. I toasted the burrito and it was PERFECT!! I immediately want to try this with breakfast sausage or Andouille instead of bacon. But still, this is a great video, but it would be better used as a breakfast Burrito rather than a breakfast sandwich! (Sorry Papa, I hope you still love me)!

    Cameo_Bitpart 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • Just tried that first sandwich. Ohhhhhhhhh my. I was getting bored with breakfast, this sandwich saved it. Thanks!

    Jaime Solis 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • I make the second ham, egg and cheese deli sandwich almost every week, just with wholegrain bread and reduced-fat cheese

    Roy Chan 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • 😋

    Patricia Monica Inchausty Laurel 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • This is why I'm fat <3

    Loczek Musztarda 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • Instruction unclear, dick stuck in the second sandwich

    Chris Alex 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • I have no idea how American eat this for BREAKFAST

    raja Alahmar 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • I like the egg slut inspired one……just with Alton Brown type of scrambled eggs, and less French/Gordon Ramsay inspired scrambled soup lol. I've had it before, and I personally don't know what the fuss is about. If anything, scrambled eggs are proof that a more complicated technique doesn't always equal a better result. I've made tons of eggs, and it's actually the thing I cook more than any other food, and Alton Brown is my man when it comes to scrambled eggs, at least for me personally lol

    Jackson Smith 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • If anybody's making this in the morning, I wanna know who you are and which planet you are from. No way on earth i m making soft scrambled egg and caramelizing onions. I ll eat white bread and run if i have to

    Totally Twisted 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • I liked the second one💀i wamt thatt!!😬

    Peachysalt 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • Sorry to burst your bubble mate, but you didn't pronounce the "Worcestershire" correctly 😔

    Enkari7 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • If u skip the bacon looks nice

    Fatima Noor Ahmad 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • Sorry, but my breakfast consists of two fried eggs and a tomato. I am too sleepy and low energy for anything more.

    Lorena Lupu 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • Did the simmering water technique for my morning scrambled eggs, game changer!

    Wonder Woman 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • Nigga out mad salt for what 😭🤦‍♂️

    HaloLife 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • That egg is severely undercooked

    Anna Naharis 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • “Papa knows about your desires each and every one of them” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the soothing cometary always kills me 💀

    Mo Bandz 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • I LOVE breakfast

    Jude Thaddeus 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • I like the bacon cooking method but it cooks in more like 12 minutes in my oven 😂 burnt the first couple pieces to a crisp.

    Jubzilla 21/10/2022 am10:26
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏worschiere Sause 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Ketchup Mutard 21/10/2022 am10:26