The perfect【SHRIMP TEMPURA】recipe. How to prepare shrimp & tempura sauce recipe. 完璧な海老の天ぷらの作り方

Hi. Today I made shrimp tempura.
The batter is very crispy and the shrimp is juicy.
I also show you how to prepare shrimp and how to make tempura sauce. (๑ • ̀ ㅂ • ́) و✧You can easily make delicious tempura at home!
Full recipe

【recipe for 2 serving】
Water 160ml / 0.7cup
Cake Flour (all purpose flour is fine)110g / 4oz
Egg yolk 1

(dusting powder)
Cake Flour (all purpose flour is fine)110g / 4oz

Shrimp 10

① Sift the flour with a colander
② Refrigerate flour and water in the refrigerator
③ Prepare shrimp
④ Sprinkle flour on the ingredients
⑤ Add egg yolk to the water
⑥ Add flour to ⑤ ʻFry vegetables in 170 degree oil for 1-2 minutes
⑧ Fiy fish and shellfish for 1 minute with 175 degree oil
* When frying, use chopsticks to put tempura powder on the ingredients and put on the batter.


【海老の天ぷらレシピ 2人前】
水 160ml/0.7cup
小麦粉 110g/4oz
卵 1個
海老 10匹


Hello! This is chef Takashi.I have a Japanese dietitian license.
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I miss Japanese food, so I often cook and eat Japanese food using only overseas ingredients.
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