The Peculiar History of TEMPURA | The origin story of Japan's iconic fried food

In this episode we’re celebrating a way of cooking that originally came from Europe, but the Japanese made into their own. This is the history of Tempura.

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  • Thanks for taking the time to make the video it was perfect

    Lukas Paro 22/10/2022 am8:30
  • Hey I think you have an error or mixup of facts in your video. I say this because in the beginning you say that the first shogun of Japan loved tempura which is inaccurate because the first shogun of Japan was alive during the late Heian period,and early Kamakura period ,and during this period the Portuguese were nowhere near Japan .So we can see that what you stated isn’t true . Now what I think you meant to say is that the first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate loved tempura who was Tokugawa Ieyasu.This is because it was during his lifetime when the Portuguese were present,and when really tempura came to be,and I’ve also heard multiple accounts of Tokugawa Ieyasu enjoying tempura as well .

    Rairen Shimozuma 22/10/2022 am8:30
  • couldn’t you pronounce ‘tempura’ properly?

    also, ‘cuaresma’ is not Latin.

    InfernoXV 22/10/2022 am8:30
  • Good to have you back. Keep these videos coming. This is a great channel

    jez g 22/10/2022 am8:30
  • Hey HoD! Was wondering where you went! Got really worried!

    Only In It For Cheese 22/10/2022 am8:30
  • First

    Andrew Ring 22/10/2022 am8:30