The Only Michelin-Starred Tempura Restaurant in America — Omakase

Chef Kiyoshi Chikano began his apprenticeship at the age of 20, learning how to perfectly prepare fish and vegetables for frying. His restaurant, Tempura Matsui, is a culmination of his many years of intense study and it has earned him a Michelin star and much acclaim.

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  • Thanks so much for watching Omakase! Check out the rest of the series here:!

    Eater 17/10/2022 pm5:27
  • bs video so where is it

    Ken 17/10/2022 pm5:27
  • What is the reason behind the holes in his pot ?

    Padl M 17/10/2022 pm5:27
  • Nobody:

    This dude: I invented deep frying in peanut oil.

    Naren Ramachandran 17/10/2022 pm5:27
  • The batter must be as thin as possible..
    The southern US has left the chat….

    Bushy556 17/10/2022 pm5:27
  • I worked the fryers at happy dog when I was 16, I found it easy..maybe I should do tamporo.

    Shemp 17/10/2022 pm5:27
  • Tempura is like pakoda

    jedseé 17/10/2022 pm5:27
  • great video and chef

    S P 17/10/2022 pm5:27
  • Ronin angers

    Anne-Claire Cudia 17/10/2022 pm5:27
  • How does the fryer work?

    Jesse Rivelis 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • The man is cooking from deep down his heart.

    Yummy Kitchen Direct 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • Whats even better then this chef, is the way this was filmed, how they added the music and angles of everything was just amazing! I just discovered #EATER and im so in love i watch a few episodes every night before bed

    Mamaandsix 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • What's the name of this tempura pot?

    Marcin Dąbrowski 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • Into the world of cooking as an art .

    jack robertson 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • Michelin stars seem to popular

    shrekone 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • It’s just tempura.

    Lucas Pickford 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • This place was amazing- went about 3 years ago

    Leslie Nguyen 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • I work as professional head sushi chef in a western kitchen. When i explain my tempura techniques that temperature, batter, oil and how i fry things they look at me puzzled and thinking I'm lying. When i told them about a michelin-starred tempura restaurant they make fun of it… saying "i wont pay so much money for fried things". The only tempura they know of is those Ebi fry prepacked…and they dump it in a large fryer which they also fry other things…they oil is often black xD

    Im not sure either my "colleagues" are cultural and culinary limited or they are just weird o.o

    Gaming Apple 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • I was watching another Michelin star Tempura chef based in Ginza. This video, this chef, and everything else beats that hands down. 👍🏻

    Species 5618 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • Did he just make uni tempura. I am salivating right now.

    halape10 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • I'm pretty sure that lobster was still alive before he killed it

    Barry Allen 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • Everything served little gets michilien star

    MR.Reviewer 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • He made a sushi joint 2:09

    Kevin Ngo 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • that last piece of music when showing off his food was awesome!

    BUXBE 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • Cool, it only took chef 20 years to learn how to fry stuff ! …

    A B 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • I wish Eater would list this restaurant address.

    heythave 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • dude : what is your job ?

    kiyoshi : i do tempura

    dude : you too? she said i was the only one for her ..

    kiyoshi : i began when i was 20

    dude :

    Dephside 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • Masterful!

    Marlon Roxas 17/10/2022 pm5:28
  • Even though people might think it’s just deep frying it is more than that. Every part of his movement is like a skill perfected every second of his career it really shows the fine artistry behind the dish services per course.

    Jane Evanz 17/10/2022 pm5:28